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All therapists are  aware of the stigma associated with admitting to suffering from a mental health problem. Photograph:  iStock

There is no them and us when it comes to mental health problems. Every one of us has either suffered from some form of depression, anxiety, obsessive (...)

Caolan O’Donnell, welfare officer at University of Limerick students’ union. “When you see problems written down, they don’t always seem so big.” Photograph: Liam Burke/Press 22

The number of third-level students seeking help with depression, anxiety, relationships problems and academic issues has reached unprecedented levels(...)

Male students are very willing to be there for and support their friends, but don’t feel others would do the same for them. Photograph: Thinkstock

Counselling services within universities have been put under severe pressure recently, with many colleges reporting waiting lists of up to six weeks. (...)