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Dr Michelle Roche, Prof David Finn and Prof Brian McGuire: doing research at NUI Galway

Routine pain treatments could soon include virtual reality, and harnessing the body’s ability to generate its own pain relief. Finding the treatments(...)

CBD: drug or foodstuff? Photograph: Getty Images

All of a sudden cannabidiol – better known as CBD – is everywhere, purporting to cure assorted ills from insomnia to inflammation and anxiety to acne.(...)

Amatech develops security technology used in bank cards, passports and other identification cards. Photograph: Getty

Paragon ID, a French stock market-listed group, has agreed a deal to take control of Galway-based fintech security company, Amatech. Paragon told inv(...)

AmaTech chief executive and founder David Finn: his company invented the contactless payments technology used in credit cards before going bust in 2002

Co Galway-based AmaTech, a company that helped create the contactless payments industry, has received €850,000 in funding from Ulster Bank to enable i(...)

David Finn, chief executive and founder of AmaTech. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

At the age of 43, David Finn decided to pack in his working career. He’d invented the contactless payment system, started a company, floated it on the(...)

Dr David Finn and Mark Rafferty of    Amatech Group Ltd: “What we have been able to do is almost defy the laws of physics.”

Amatech Most people with a Visa debit card will be familiar with contactless payment technology. In Ireland it allows Visa debit cardholders to pay bi(...)