Max Planck Institute director Martin Hellwig speak to participants at the Trinity economic forum in Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Sam Boal

There is nothing “inherently wrong” with wanting to make money as an individual or a company, the Central Bank’s outgoing head(...)

Former O2 chief Danuta Gray said quotas are not the best way to get women into the boardroom. Photograph: Eric Luke

Diversity in the boardroom helps mitigate the “group think” that contributed to recent financial disasters, and leads to better decision making(...)

“Should Matthew Elderfield land a big and well-paid job at Lloyds there will no doubt be some who will begrudge him his success and point out that he has not finished the job he started.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Nothing, it seems, has become Matthew Elderfield so well as the manner of the departure. As you would hope and expect, the regulator seems to b(...)