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Michel Barnier (left) is known for his austere approach to life, while David Davis  likes to think of himself as “a charming bastard”.

The frozen streets of Helsinki lie silent as the mercury plunges to -16C. But inside the British embassy, the lights are burning. David Davis, the man(...)

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn meets staff and children at Marsham Street Community Nursery in Westminster, London. to highlight pledge of free care to all two to four year olds. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

The leader of Britain’s opposition has had a recent run of form on the campaign trail ahead of next week’s election, reducing what had looked to be an(...)

British prime minister Theresa May said the controversy over the leaks had proved that the upcoming negotiations would be ‘tough’.  Photograph: Oli Scarffoli/AFP/Getty

Theresa May has declared that Jean-Claude Juncker will be the next person to discover that she can be a “bloody difficult woman” as cabinet frustratio(...)

Martin Wolf: The UK government must set the right objectives, appreciate its position and adopt an effective approach.

Later this month, British prime minister Theresa May will start the most significant negotiation the UK has engaged in since it negotiated membership (...)

 Brexit minister David Davis: his ministry is expected soon to total as many as 500 staff. Photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

As the man who drafted it has said, the EU’s divorce clause was never meant to be triggered: article 50 was inserted into the Lisbon Treaty purely to (...)

“Brexit means Brexit”: the three-word sentence tells us much about UK prime minister Theresa May’s style.

‘Brexit means Brexit.” As circular as it is concise, this three-word sentence tells us much about the style of Theresa May, the UK prime minister. I t(...)

Brexit: Irish citizens who lived in Britain during the past 15 years and registered to vote, can cast a ballot in the referendum. Photograph: Getty Images

The decision on whether Britain leaves the EU, say Irish political, civil society and business leaders repeatedly, is one for Britain. Ireland may hav(...)

Marine Le Pen: Brexit would be like the fall of the Berlin Wall. Photograph: Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty Images

Irish political leaders have been told that they “can make a difference” in the UK’s debate on European Union membership ahead of June’s referendum. (...)

German chancellorAngela Merkel can make daring leaps if they are politically opportune. Photograph: Axel Schmidt/Reuters

German chancellor Angela Merkel spent the weekend packing for her summer holidays: walking shoes, sun cream and encrypted mobile phone. Distrac(...)