Ata Khattab: has been denied access to his legal team for prolonged periods. Photograph: Akram Khan Company

When Palestinian dancer Ata Khattab concluded his solo piece on a Galway stage in 2017, the audience jumped to their feet and offered roars of approva(...)

Culture Night 2018:   ballerinas from Dance Ireland with drumming sensations the Hit Machine. Photograph: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Friday is Culture Night all over Ireland. Do you: (a) put on comfy shoes, arm yourself with the guide or the app and let loose, collapsing with exhaus(...)

Ahmad Joudeh, a Palestinian brought up in Syria danced in his bombed out neighbourhood and in the ancient theatre at Palmyra, where Isis carried out mass executions. Photograph: Michel Schnater

Mithkal Alzghair wanted to create a reflection on the trauma of refugees coming into Europe, the effects of his own displacement from his home and fam(...)

Sometimes We Break, originally created by Jessica Kennedy of Junk Ensemble with her sister Megan for the Tate gallery, which will investigate the idea of belonging and home

Jessie Keenan won’t yield. Walking around Dublin’s docklands, the choreographer refuses to reveal the exact location of her new work, Low_lying. As(...)