Brian Blade

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When Brian Blade first called his Fellowship band together back in 1997, he was a rising star, a respected drummer with some notable credits, but just(...)

Pianist and composer Mike Holober’s name may not be too well known beyond the big band circles he has moved in over the past 10 years, but he (...)

Pianist Danilo Pérez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade are great musicians in their own right, and each has already made his own cont(...)

Guitarist and composer Joel Harrison refuses to be confined by genre or style – previous outings have deconstructed rock, country, pyschedelia, Ind(...)

Chick Corea: Trilogy
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  • September 19, 2014, 00:00

Recording technology is so portable nowadays, many major artists can afford to record every concert and decide later what to release. Indeed, some (...)

Wayne Shorter: ‘If there’s a lot of praise, where are the record sales?’ Photograph: Keith Tsuji/Getty

For Wayne Shorter, the past is not just another country, it’s a distant galaxy. Only now matters. It’s what you would expect from an iconic jazz music(...)

Wolfgang Muthspiel’s debut for ECM might have been a case of tail wags dog, what with a rhythm section that includes two of the most creative and soug(...)

US saxophonist Joshua Redman is that rare jazz musicians who appeals to mainstream audiences while retaining the respect o(...)