Ireland continues to perform poorly when it comes to action in relation to ocean protection. Photograph: iStock

Ireland is not doing very well on climate change and sustainability compared with most other European countries. The most recent report available was (...)

Andreas Hoepner: “Some businesses will have to bring a temporary end to activities. For others it may be a final end.”

Covid-19 is almost certainly the biggest operational risk global business has ever experienced, according to Andreas Hoepner, professor of operational(...)

Sustainable finance has been identified as a key pillar in “Ireland for Finance”, the strategy for the development of Ireland’s international financial services sector to 2025. Photograph: iStock

The announcement in recent weeks from the world’s largest funds manager, BlackRock Inc, that it intends to make sustainability the “new standard for i(...)

Schoolchildren stage a climate change protest in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month. When they graduate, will they want to work for a fossil fuel company? Photograph:  Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

Sustainable finance is the cornerstone in the business side of climate change mitigation. Two of the best strategies to change corporations are: – c(...)

Prof Andreas Hoepner: “We have redesigned the programme in light of the Paris Agreement on climate change”

Among the most profound changes in financial markets in recent years has been the emergence of impact investing – investments made with the aim of rea(...)

Climate change has become for companies as investors seek information about their greenhouse gas emissions.  Picture Nick Bradshaw

Companies throughout the world are to be challenged to reveal annually the full extent of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the launch of an ini(...)

While many have written on the jobs that may get lost in the rollout of artificial intelligence, I prefer to reflect on the thousands of new jobs that(...)