Computer scientist and founder of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee:  “We are long overdue for a payments user interface for the web.”

Paying for things online can be cumbersome. Even the man who invented the web, Tim Berners-Lee, says he frequently throws up his hands. “Sometimes I (...)

Don Tapscott: “If I send you €100 it’s really important that I don’t still have the money and that I can’t send it to somebody else.” Photograph: Ana Grillo

For a long time, people have missed the blockchain wood for the bitcoin trees. But the father-and-son writing team of Don and Alex Tapscott are bettin(...)

A 2012 study by University of California, Berkeley researchers revealed 87 per cent of their survey group didn’t know about ‘DNT’ settings.

If, like a majority of web users in survey after survey, you have concerns about having your online activity tracked by advertisers, then you’ve turne(...)

  Bitcoin may not be the messiah of a new currency its hardcore fans yearn for, but it may herald the deeper financial revolution the inte(...)