Last July the Cabinet agreed to hire 700 additional customs officials and 300 extra staff to carry out checks on agricultural produce and animals travelling between Ireland and the UK. Photograph: Getty Images

Hundreds of new veterinary inspector positions promised as part of Brexit preparations are being filled at “a trickle” just weeks away from the UK’s e(...)

Vets have  rejected the proposed Lansdowne Road agreement. The deal was opposed by 92 per cent of members of the Veterinary Officers Association. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Vets have emphatically rejected the proposed Lansdowne Road agreement on public service pay and pensions. The deal was opposed by 92 per cent of membe(...)

Regional laboratories carry out postmortems and test samples of specimens such as blood, milk or faeces on behalf of farmers

Reports that a review of the Department of Agriculture’s laboratory services will recommend the closure of three regional veterinary laboratories hav(...)