Prof Colin O’Gara: “The trauma is the equivalent of a road traffic accident for the family. One minute everything is okay, the next minute everything is not.” Photograph: Eric Luke

A leading psychiatrist treating addiction has called on the Government to fast-track plans for the long-promised gambling regulator after a study show(...)

The study also aims to assess the impact of this travel disruption on people’s sense of identify and belonging.

A new study examining how Covid-19 restrictions have affected the lives of people who travelled regularly between Britain and Ireland before the pande(...)

Related indicates that not receiving enough likes or comments on a selfie post can result in individuals feeling badly and/or experiencing low self-esteem.

Since the first ever #selfie post on Instagram in 2011 it has gone on to become the most frequently used hashtag on the platform. In 2012 Time magazin(...)

We are now learning precisely why running can return focus, vanquish stress and improve mood

It may seem obvious – as you push on through a long run, veering wildly between sensations of agony and elation – that running can have a huge effect (...)

‘Judgement’ by Rowan Gillespie, at Sutherland School of Law in UCD. Photograph: David Sleator

Intolerance of the public expression of controversial ideas has grown markedly in recent years and, paradoxically, nowhere more so than on university (...)

Running: it’s a sport that drives us, literally, to distraction. On one hand, we want the benefits, such as endorphins, mental clarity and sleek legs(...)

If you can stay away from your phone you are rewarded with a forest of willpower. Breaking the 25-minute sanction results in a dead tree

How many times a day, on average, do you think you check your phone? Thirty, maybe 40? Last year, researchers at Nottingham Trent University tracked u(...)