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Existing literature suggests that when people lack material security, things like food and shelter, they tend to invest in small, tight social networks. Photograph: Getty Images

Conventional wisdom is that people living in big cities are less likely than smaller towns to help strangers in need, but new research suggests the li(...)

Prof Rose Anne Kenny of Trinity College Dublin called on the Government last May to immediately advise people to take the vitamin supplement during the pandemic. File photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

People have “nothing to lose”, and much to gain, by taking vitamin D supplements as protection during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new paper (...)

Like John Tyndall, who always underlined the need for science communication and engagement with the public, Tyndall National Institute in UCC has a major programme of science engagement in tandem with advanced research. Above  public engagement and outreach officers Dr Caitriona Tyndall and Alida Zauers with Albi Morrish in the Tyndall Atrium adjoining the cleanroom during Culture Night. Photograph: Clare Keogh.

Kevin O’Sullivan Environment & Science Editor The life of great Irish natural philosopher John Tyndall was summed up adeptly in 2018 when the pu(...)

Dr Gabriel Scally: court-focused process “doesn’t lead to what patients and families really want, which is to know the truth, for someone to say sorry and ensure that it doesn’t happen to anyone else again”.  Photograph: Crispin Rodwell

The author of the State’s report into the CervicalCheck controversy has said there should be a mechanism to address the grievances of the women affect(...)

The world has a technology problem. By that, I mean that we currently lack the technology to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. W

The world has a technology problem. By that, I mean that we currently lack the technology to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t have a cheap(...)

The Xihua Farmer’s Market in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, May 4th.  where  turtles and frogs are sold openly. Photograph: Epa/Alex Plavevski

Healthy ecosystems – as ecologists and economists have been telling us for decades – provide humanity with essential “services’”, like breathable air,(...)

Chancellor Rishi Sunak making a statement in the Commons. He said that from August onwards  furloughed workers would be allowed to work part-time. Photograph: PA Wire

A panel of scientific experts has warned that allowing visitors from Ireland to enter Britain without undergoing quarantine could put British efforts (...)

Peter Casey’s Theorem greatly generalised Ptolemy’s Theorem. Figure: Dr Maurice O’Reilly, DCU

Next Tuesday – May 12th – is the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Casey, a notable Irish geometer. Casey was born in 1820 in Kilbeheny, Co Limer(...)

Robert O’Hara Burke (left) and William John Willis, who were first to cross Australia from Melbourne in the south to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north. They died on their way back as they struggled to reach a rescue party. Images: Getty

One of the most impressive statues in Melbourne commemorates Irishman Robert O’Hara Burke and his second-in-command William John Wills, who attempted (...)

During the last ice age a tundra environment stretched from what is now France to Canada and south to China. This huge habitat included mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, bison, reindeer, horses, elk and predators including cave lions and wolves

Environmentalists get nervous when they hear people talking about reducing carbon-induced global warming through “geoengineering”, the use of technolo(...)

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