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A puffin eating sand eels: The bird may become extinct in the next 100 years due to climate change and overfishing. Photograph: John Holden

Irish birds are more endangered than ever before, with more than a quarter, or 54 species, now on the red list, according to a new report from BirdWat(...)

Kathleen Lonsdale: the pioneering scientist, pacifist and prison reformer was born on January 28th, 1903, in Newbridge, Co Kildare

Kathleen Lonsdale, X-ray crystallographer, pacifist and prison reformer, was an outstanding scientist who had a number of firsts for female scientists(...)

Chronically inflamed cells. Inflammation is a powerful defence against injury and disease, but failure of systemic regulation of this mechanism damages the host tissues and leads to chronic disease.

Carbon dioxide has a bad name: too much of it in the atmosphere and it acts as a greenhouse gas, while too much of it inside our bodies can be a harbi(...)

‘Rather than politics following the science, politics is why we use the words science and scientist today.’ File photograph: Getty

One of the most interesting developments during the coronavirus pandemic has been the increased visibility of public health experts. How many of us, t(...)

The poll of 2,071 adults across Britain and Northern Ireland revealed that 58 per cent said watching birds and hearing their song added to their enjoyment of life since the onset of Covid-19. Photograph: Fran Veale

More than half of the people in Northern Ireland are finding solace in watching birds and hearing their song during lockdown, a new survey has found. (...)

Leonhard Euler revolutionised mathematics, greatly extending its boundaries. He was inexhaustible: no other mathematician has been so prolific

Mathematicians are an odd bunch. Isaac Newton was decidedly unpleasant, secretive and resentful while Carl Friedrich Gauss, according to several biogr(...)

Passengers are seen disembarking from an inter-terminal train at London Gatwick Airport. The Irish Government is considering a ban on non-essential travel from Britain in response to a new, fast-spreading Covid-19 strain that has been found in England. Photograph: Bloomberg

A 48-hour ban on all flights arriving into the Republic from Britain comes into force at midnight tonight as part of an emergency response to growing (...)

John O’Reilly: instrumental in severing, with good grace, the formal ties between the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

John O’Reilly, FRIAI, former president of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, died on September 11th, 2020, a week before his 92nd birth(...)

People who prefer to solve problems by themselves are more likely to invent things. Photograph: iStock

Innovation is clearly of critical importance for progress. It depends on invention, which in turn depends on ideas. Only a tiny minority of people pro(...)

If vaccines stop 90% of infection, herd immunity is realisable. File photograph: Getty

The northern hemisphere faces a bleak winter of rising Covid-19 cases, but signals that two rapidly engineered vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna work on (...)

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