The Four Courts in Dublin

The total value of registered debt owed by consumers in the third quarter of this year three and a half times that of the same period in 2020 as inter(...)

Judgments against Irish businesses also saw sharp falls from 252 to 89, down 65 per cent.

There were significant falls in the number of judgments registered against Irish consumers and businesses in the first quarter of this year, figures r(...)

Judgments against all types of businesses, particularly small businesses, saw large increases.

There was a 20 percent rise in the number of judgments recorded against consumers in the Republic during the fourth quarter of last year, according to(...)

According to figures collated by Registry Trust, the average value of a business judgment increased 88%  to €55,182, its highest since before 2008

The number of debt judgments recorded in the Four Courts during the first six months of the year was down substantially on the same period in 2015, ne(...)

Judgments against consumers in the Republic fell for the fourth consecutive year to 3,457, down 3 per cent

Debt judgments registered against businesses in Ireland fell by 8 per cent in 2015, the fourth consecutive year in which there has been a decline. Ne(...)