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For some time now, there’s been a growing sense among more enlightened organisations that candid criticism, gruelling 360 reviews and annual performance audits are not the way to go if you want a happy, engaged and motivated workforce.

Everyone wants feedback these days. You can’t buy something online or walk through an airport but somebody somewhere wants you to tick a box or press (...)

Is there any way to make it to your departure gate without walking through duty free?

With all the queuing and the security and the stress and the delays and the tinny announcements that can barely be heard as they are mumbled over the (...)

Dr Ruth Freeman says challenge based funding ‘very much focuses on the end user application’

Six teams of researchers are competing for the €1 million Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Future Innovator Prize, a new challenge-based programme for(...)

There are potential hazards. A radiologist who misreads a scan may harm one patient, but a flawed AI system in widespread use could injure many. Photograph: Getty

Computers were as good or better than doctors at detecting tiny lung cancers on CT scans, a study by researchers from Google and several medical centr(...)

Manchester City players throw manager Josep Guardiola in the air as they celebrate winning the Premier League title. Photograph:  Mike Hewitt/Getty

And fade to Blue. On a soft spring south-coast afternoon Manchester City retained the Premier League title, completing their sprint to the line with a(...)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte walk along the parliament in The Hague, Netherlands,  prior to the Summit in Sibiu. Photograph: EPA

Ireland and the Netherlands intend to stand firm on the issue of tax sovereignty, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said. Both countries have been criticis(...)

KPMG partner Owen Lewis: ‘Not everyone is going to become an AI engineer, we need to continue to put more emphasis on human-to-human professions.’

While opinions still differ over the impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on society in general, the one certainty is that it will lead to pr(...)

We are at the cusp of a further evolution of broadband services, with the advent of “5th Generation” or 5G networks.

I recall my heated debate more than 20 years ago with a well-known CEO of a State-owned telecoms operator, on the likely future demand for broadband s(...)

The new 7 series makes a statement in styling you would expect from a €100,00 price tag.

BMW is determined that its flagship cars will stand out from the crowd. Last month we were introduced to its behemoth X7 SUV and now weeks later come(...)

We must act at a supranational, global level and develop a moral perspective that encompasses the whole planet and all humans – and indeed all living beings – on this Earth.

Non-religious people are frequently irked by the question from those who profess a faith: “How can you be moral without religion?” While this betrays(...)

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