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We are at the cusp of a further evolution of broadband services, with the advent of “5th Generation” or 5G networks.

I recall my heated debate more than 20 years ago with a well-known CEO of a State-owned telecoms operator, on the likely future demand for broadband s(...)

The new 7 series makes a statement in styling you would expect from a €100,00 price tag.

BMW is determined that its flagship cars will stand out from the crowd. Last month we were introduced to its behemoth X7 SUV and now weeks later come(...)

We must act at a supranational, global level and develop a moral perspective that encompasses the whole planet and all humans – and indeed all living beings – on this Earth.

Non-religious people are frequently irked by the question from those who profess a faith: “How can you be moral without religion?” While this betrays(...)

The Taycan is expected to have exceptional performance, with the top-spec model (likely to be badged, confusingly, as Taycan Turbo) boasting a 500km driving range and more than 600hp power output, with 0-100km/h acceleration of just 3.5secs for the top-spec ‘Turbo’ model

Porsche, doubtless keen to drum up excitement about its switch to electric power, has given us our first clear look at the new Taycan electric super-s(...)

To emphasise its safety message,  Volvo held a high-speed test crash demonstration at its Car Safety Centre.  When developing a new car, 60 to 70 examples of the model are physically crashed with 20,000 computer simulated crashes carried out in tandem.

Volvo predicts a mandatory speed limit will be imposed on all new cars in the near future while vehicles will be automatically restricted to set limit(...)

Prof James McLaughlin, director of Nibec, whose team came third out of 400 entries to the $10m  Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE global competition.  Photograph: Nigel McDowell/Ulster University

Fans of the Star Trek TV and movie franchise will be familiar with the hand-held medical “tricorder” device which can diagnose a variety of conditions(...)

Prof Damien Woods of Maynooth University. Photograph: Daniel Balteanu

An Irish scientist, now working at Maynooth University, has helped create DNA molecules that, when combined together, can perform the functions of a t(...)

 Tim Cook’s latest bet is that an acceleration in cord-cutting and the proliferation of streaming services has created a new role for Apple as aggregator

Steve Jobs told his biographer in 2011 that Apple had “finally cracked” a winning formula for television. But eight years later, his successor Tim Coo(...)

“On Outlook Messenger there is a function where the sender can see if the sendee has read their communication. If you read, but don’t reply, they know it.”

My phone has this quirk where, if I get a text, the text app (or whatever it’s called), doesn’t open up or goes black or I have to go into another app(...)

The simulation hypothesis  proposes that we are all living within a giant computer simulation like the Matrix, which was created by super-advanced AIs

Is this the tech world’s equivalent of flat earth theorists? There are firm believers in the simulation hypothesis, which proposes that we are all liv(...)

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