Anyone who is new to online learning is bound to have questions. How will my course be delivered? How will I submit coursework and assignments? How wi(...)

As colleges and universities shut their doors, in came  video conferencing, online quizzes, virtual learning platforms, specialised simulations, asynchronous and synchronous teaching.  Photograph: iStock

The threat posed to public health by the coronavirus pandemic has led to universities across the globe having to address how they can continue teachin(...)

The coronavirus pandemic has already changed how we think about higher education. Photograph: iStock

As uncertainty surrounding the longevity of social distancing measures is likely to continue into the autumn at the very least, the rush to move third(...)

Students will have to familiarise themselves with using the virtual learning environment  this year  due to  the increasing emphasis on  social distancing caused by the Covid-19 virus.

As prospective students finalise their CAO choices and social restrictions introduced to disrupt the coronavirus pandemic are eased, what should this (...)