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This NASA frame image from a gif series captured by the spacecrafts SamCam camera shows the sampler head Osiris-Rex spacecraft full of rocks and dust collected from the surface of the asteroid Bennu. Photograph: Handout / NASA / AFP/Getty Images

The US probe that collected a sample from an asteroid earlier this week retrieved so much material that a rock is wedged the container door, allowing (...)

AIB finished the session down by 2.75 per cent to 92 cent per share, while Bank of Ireland fell 1.1 per cent to €1.83

Trading in all stocks and derivatives on Euronext markets, including the stock exchange in Dublin, shut down for three hours on Monday morning, the bi(...)

There’s a flow of Irish emigrants house hunting back in Ireland. Photograph: iStock

Overseas Irish returning here to retire isn’t new. But world events may be drawing them home years sooner. Brexit and Trump have driven some to second(...)

John O’Leary, general manager and chief executive of InnaLab’s Irish operations: “This was an opportunity, and a challenge, to do something different.”

It sounds so outlandish that it seems ripped directly from the pages of a Hollywood screenplay. Well, two Hollywood screenplays, actually. Both Deep(...)

Pumpkin-coloured Mars has a favourable opposition on October 13th when it is just over 62 million kilometres from Earth. Photograph: Getty

It is rather apt that we mark the 100th birth anniversary of American science fiction author Frank Herbert in the same month Mars reaches oppositio(...)

Graphical representation of Hera approaching the surface of the asteroid Didymos.

Sixty-six million years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct after an asteroid hit Earth. The desire to prevent humans suffering a similar fate underpins(...)

Hera will go alongside Nasa’s DART spacecraft, in what will be humankind’s first probe to rendezvous with a binary asteroid system called Didymos

Irish company InnaLabs is part of a consortium that has been awarded a €129.4 million contract to launch a satellite to support deep-space navigation.(...)

“He [Harry] has deep experience in the education sector, and in driving adoption of new technologies, particularly in the important US marketplace. Photograph: Getty Images

VR Education has announced the appointment of Dr Harry Kloor as a non-executive director of the company. Based in the US, Dr Kloor is an entrepreneur(...)

People walk in the wet streets in Miami on Sunday as  Tropical Storm Isaias bruhes the Florida coast. Photograph: Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich/EPA

Isaias, downgraded from a hurricane but still a powerful tropical storm, moved along Florida’s eastern coast on Sunday, bringing strong winds but no (...)

Maureen Dowd asks the billionaire about life with Grimes and Baby X, Trump, Tesla, tunnels and blasting off So how do the King of Mars, his Gala(...)

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