‘An AI that’s as clever as we are would, presumably, be as good at we are at programming AIs’

“I don’t expect your children to die of old age,” I was told, recently. It took me aback somewhat. Most AI researchers think it’s only a matter of ti(...)

Nick Bostrom proposed over a decade ago that there is a high likelihood that we are living in a computer simulation, similar to that depicted in The Matrix

Over a decade ago Nick Bostrom, techno-philosopher and founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, developed wh(...)

Christian Bale stars as John Connor in ‘Terminator Salvation’. A recent draft EU report suggested all robots should have an integrated “kill switch”

On January 15th 2015, the Future of Life Institute announced it had received $10 million in funding from world-famous technology entrepreneur Elon Mu(...)