The Growing Up in Ireland study is the biggest and most complex social science project ever to be undertaken in this country and provides thousands of insights into the lives of children. Photograph: iStock

A quarter of our three-year-olds are overweight or obese; 50 per cent of Irish-born mothers don’t even start to breastfeed their babies; 16 per cent o(...)

THe ESRI report found the reason for the economic disadvantage associated with people who have a disability is mainly due to the difficulty they have in gaining or retaining meaningful employment. Photograph: Getty Images

People with disabilities are more likely to suffer from poverty and depend on social welfare for income, according to a new report compiled by the Ec(...)

A plan to export energy generated in Ireland to Britain from wind energy farms has proven controversial

As many as 35,000 jobs could be generated by developing Ireland’s wind energy sector further, according to a new report from Trinity College Du(...)