The Facebook Oversight Board must help Facebook decide what content to take down and what to leave and up.  Photograph: iStock

Facebook’s Oversight Board has decided Donald Trump’s ban from the social media platform, which was handed down in January, should stand. Facebook nee(...)

Qandeel Baloch speaks during a press conference in Lahore, Pakistan, on June 28th, just over two weeks before she was murdered by her brother. Photograph: M Jameel/AP

The killing of Qandeel Baloch, a social media star some called the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan, provoked an outcry on social media from Pakistani femin(...)

Nighat Dad: “I think 10 times before writing anything on Twitter or Facebook. Who is watching me? Why are they watching me? If they’re watching me, how will they interpret my message or my post on social media?”

In few places is the contrast between the internet’s liberating possibilities and its most troubling hazards more sharply drawn than in Pakistan. Fo(...)