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Mother Sinéad Ward and baby Ríona Roche in the Neonatal ICU at the Coombe Hospital. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw for The Irish Times

Some 86 per cent of all healthy, term babies born in Irish hospitals now receive skin-to-skin care after delivery, according to latest figures from th(...)

Self-care in early motherhood comes in many forms, ranging from doing small things for yourself to seeking support of family and friends to asking for help from health professionals.

Sarah Ryan learned the hard way about the importance of self-care for mental health as a new mother. It was only on her second pregnancy that she was(...)

The transition from one-child family to two-child family is a very big deal indeed – for the parents and, particularly, the toddler who arrived first. Photograph: iStock

The world as he knew it was about to end for my first child and he was blissfully unaware life would never be the same again. It was enough to reduce (...)

Gwen Burchell and her son Harry: ‘I thought parenting couldn’t be that hard because everybody does it. But it is.’

A couple might start training themselves with the responsibility of caring for a dog or a cat; they may read up on the topic extensively and attend an(...)

Hannah Boylan: ‘No one I know who has children had this much sickness so it came as a shock to be so unwell. I am sick multiple times a day.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

It’s an ongoing joke in Hannah Boylan’s office that everyone knows it’s 4pm because she’s slumped so low on her desk nobody can see her.Expecting her (...)

Rachel Lane (left) with her daughter, Juliet (2), and Marie Dunne, organisers of the Babytalk Festival, to be held at the O’Reilly Hall, UCD. Photograph: Eric Luke

Over-thinking every step of the parenthood journey – from trying to conceive to raising the child – is hard to avoid when you are deluged with well-me(...)