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Apple has previously called the allegations in the complaint “patently false” and said “privacy is built into the ads we sell on our platform with no tracking”. Photograph: iStock

Apple faces an initial investigation from France’s data-protection watchdog following a complaint that its personalised advertising feature violates E(...)

Photograph: iStock

Apple’s advertising tool used to monetise some of its own apps and services is the target of a new complaint in France. France Digitale, a lobby gr(...)

A spokeswoman for Google said the company would review possible changes. Photograph: AFP via Getty

France’s top administrative court upheld a €50 million imposed last year on Alphabet’s Google for breaching European Union online privacy rules, it sa(...)

 Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon  in her Fitzwilliam Square offices. Dixon wants to extend her role into a second five-year term when her current one ends in September “to continue out the work that we have started”. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Rarely have four letters caused such dread. GDPR – the EU law designed to give people more control over their personal data in the internet age – cele(...)

Privacy campaigner Max Schrems  accused the tech giants of ‘coercing’ users to accept data policies

European data protection bodies have promised to work closely with their Irish colleagues on multi-billion-euro complaints filed by Austrian privacy c(...)