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A measure of success at trade shows is not just how many visitors come to your booth, but how many come back a second or third time, and bring their colleagues.

What is the best way to get noticed? Spring is a prime time for trade conferences. Among many others, Mobile World Congress has just been held in Bar(...)

Most pollination in Ireland is carried out by bees as they feed their young exclusively on pollen

Bees and other pollinating insects such as butterflies are in trouble, but making gardens “pollinator friendly” helps boost their numbers. Every garde(...)

The number of days with heavy rainfall and the number of extreme flooding events has risen in the past decade. Photograph: Eric Luke Staff

Local authorities in Dublin have jointly unveiled extensive climate action plans, which include a move to reduce carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 20(...)

Black and Tans hold a suspected Sinn Féin member at gunpoint. A fallen man lies in the background. Photo by  Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis via Getty Images

The story of Ireland’s pursuit of independence is an old one which needs retelling for a new generation. The Irish Revolution is a three-part document(...)

 Donal Ó Drisceoil: ‘It’s very effective, making really good use of maps and graphics while it also has a good mix of new voices from the Atlas of the Irish Revolution’

A new documentary series The Irish Revolution successfully captures the approach taken in the award winning book Atlas of the Irish Revolution on whic(...)

Workshop at Arran Street East

Want to give your home a lift but lack the know how? It’s time to go back to school and join one of the dizzying range of classes where you can learn (...)

Faye Dinsmore wearing one of her sweaters. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Faye Dinsmore, model, mother and founder of a knitwear label, is the second youngest of a family of 14 who grew up in a farm near the seaside village (...)

Andrea Horan in her Dublin 8 hallway. “I think it’s time for us as a country to take a long, hard look at ourselves and the stigma associated with late breakfasts,” she says. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

I’m not one of those weird “people who get up early in the morning” our mighty leader is so fond of. I love sleeping and I don’t believe there’s anyth(...)

There are a variety of card games kids can play, from Swiss or Old Maid for the younger ones to Go Fish. Photograph: Getty

The blizzard warning has lifted and it’s ok to go outdoors, so the smaller ones are probably outside enjoying the snow. When they get back inside aft(...)

Change up your cupboard door handles. you can always change them back at the end of the tenancy

Have the Irish waved goodbye to the idea of owning their own homes? Statistics from last year noted that the number of Irish people buying property ha(...)

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