Newcastle University researchers have demonstrated that sewage treatment plants have the power to run themselves while producing renewable energy.

Scientists have built a hydrogen fuel cell powered by sewage. The cell, the first of its kind, was used to transform sewage into useful hydrogen gas u(...)

When a team chooses to apply an intervention it is considered “a move”, much like a snakes and ladders game. Photograph: Druyts.t/ Wikipedia

A unique simulation, akin to ‘war gaming’, has been launched to help find ways to reduce gaps in “healthy life expectancy”. People living only a few m(...)

Jurassic Park was based on the notion that vital DNA evidence could be trapped in fossils, which is in fact the case

Scientists have become time travellers by finding new ways to recreate conditions from the past, sometimes using techniques that sound more like scien(...)

What if microbes in your water could be good for your health? Photograph: Thinkstock

What is in your drinking water? Is bottled water pure? Or might it contain even more microbes than tap water? Would some bacteria in your drinking wat(...)