“Priority overload is one of six patterns of team dysfunction.”

It is that time of year. Holiday rota chaos, inventory mismanagement, deadline anxiety, strained relationships. And that is just at home. The same pr(...)

While AI has been around for decades in various guises, the technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past 10 years.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to any kind of machine-based learning developed to perform various tasks and functions that, heretofore, was th(...)

NUI Maynooth  president Prof Philip Nolan (left), Dr Kerry Murphy-Healey of  Babson College (centre) and Prof Bob Lingard of the  University of Queensland at NUIM’s annual Education Forum on the theme of ‘Transforming Curricula: Empowering Learners’. Photograph: Keith Arkins.

The global focus on university league tables and comparative data between schools is having an “increasingly detrimental” effect on education, a confe(...)

A shift in thinking: the new emphasis on entrepreneurial graduates is a far cry from Cardinal John Henry Newman’s notion of university’s imparting the  “inestimable benefit of the litera scripta”. Phtograph: Chris Pecoraro/Getty

As a leading advocate of the “entrepreneurial graduate”, Kerry Murphy Healey did a surprisingly conventional PhD. The title of her dissertation was Th(...)