It’s a lot cheaper to live in Portugal, with value to be had even in the Algarve, particularly when compared with prices in Dublin

It sounds great; a cheaper cost of living, a sunny climate, great golf courses for those so inclined, not to mind a potentially tax-free retirement. (...)

Whether you opt for an approved retirement fund (ARF) or an annuity might also be a factor of how much of a tax-free lump sum you can get

If you’re 50 years or over, and haven’t yet started to think about what you’re going to do with your retirement fund when you become a pensioner, it’s(...)

Thousands of Irish people will have up to €2bn in pension funds unlocked next month when the Budget 2019 increase in the State pension takes effect.

Thousands of people will have up to €2 billion in pension funds unlocked next month when the Budget 2019 increase in the State pension takes effect. (...)

“Lifestyle strategies are a mechanism to reduce investment risk appropriately and automatically for members as they near retirement.” Photograph: iStock

A lifestyle strategy gradually reduces the risk profile of your retirement savings the closer you get to retirement. Pension funds often have lifestyl(...)

Direct property investments can seem like a good idea to provide high return, however, they are costly (acquisition costs, property management fees, ongoing repairs, service charges) and a risky investment. Photograph: iStock

Property “We’re seeing a huge appetite for property in pensions, due to the recently buoyant market. It’s very risky – we shouldn’t forget the mistak(...)

Tommy Nielsen, chairman of the Association of Pension Trustees in Ireland: Complexity, he argues, is a defence for paralysis at the Department of Social Protection

Consultation on the proposed introduction of mandatory pension savings in Ireland misses the point: what is needed is simplification of Irish pension (...)

Enforced encashment of the Canadian retirement fund makes the position clearer in Irish tax terms.

Are Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) reportable? The advice I have received is that they are only taxable when income is drawn dow(...)

Retire to the Algarve in Portugal . . . and pay 0% tax on your pension. Photograph: Hemera

How are you going to afford to live in retirement? Not sure? Well, one possible option for under-funded – or even generously funded – retirees is to s(...)

Watch out for the fine print too. Some pension schemes for example, won’t give your estate back employer contributions if you die within two years of joining the scheme.

It may not be the most amusing of topics, but it could well be one of the most important. A few weeks ago we considered what will happen to your money(...)

Our putative landlord buys a two-bed apartment for €250,000 in Grace Park Manor, Drumcondra

Yes, in the long-run we are all dead, as John Maynard Keynes famously put it, but not before many of us will have to survive a few years – or decades(...)

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