Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle with  President Michael Higgins  and his wife, Sabina, with  Bród and Siodá, Michael D’s Bernese Mountain dogs. Photograph: Getty Images

What about this handsome couple, with their good hair, smiling eyes and lovely manners? Gorgeous and utterly charming, a winning combination of impec(...)

Prof Todd Gitlin said he had not previously heard of Denis O’Brien

A leading US academic due to speak at a conference in Trinity College, Dublin has said he “will defend the right to seek truth and to campaign against(...)

Berkeley Library in Trinity College, Dublin. Photograph: Peter Murtagh

The Berkeley Library in Trinity College Dublin is one of those rarities of modern architecture – a brutalist, concrete mass with an above gr(...)

The Beatles in 1967: ‘Paul filled the vacuum after Brian Epstein died. I think John was a bit begrudging. George was very introverted. Ringo was depicted as the joker, but I thought he was quite wise’

Paul Howard, biographer of Tara Browne, the 1960s peer, scenester and alleged subject of the Beatles song A Day in the Life, is chatting to film-maker(...)

Michael Connelly. Photograph: David Livingston/Getty Images

Once upon a time, crime writers in Ireland were few and far between. These days it’s not so much a case of “whodunnit”, or even “who’s doing it”, as “(...)

Eileen Corrigan  with her mother and  father. Photograph: Trinity College, Dublin

Like any young student caught up in momentous, violent events, Eileen Corrigan was anxious lest her parents were worried about her welfare. It was Mon(...)