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Bernie Dillon:  inspirational chief executive of Amdahl Ireland

Bernie Dillon, who died on January 7th, was a founding father of today’s modern information technology industry in Ireland. His illustrious career spa(...)

LinkedIn earlier this year announced plans to create 800 new jobs in Dublin in a move that will take headcount here to 2,000 by the middle of 2020

LinkedIn’s Irish subsidiary has declared a combined $1 billion (€908.5 million) in dividend payments to its immediate parent and ultimate owner Micros(...)

Google’s Mountain View headquarters in California. Photograph: iStock

Google has entered into partnership with one of Australia’s biggest construction companies to deliver up to 15,000 new homes in the San Francisco Bay (...)

LinkedIn has 630 million members globally, including two million in the Republic

LinkedIn is to create 800 new jobs in Dublin and hopes to fill a significant number of these roles by encouraging those who have left the workplace to(...)

 Potential unicorns such as Checkr and Earnin are building businesses off the last generation of unicorns by offering services to them. Photograph: Getty Images

Technology startups worth $1 billion, once as rare as unicorns, are now plentiful enough and old enough that there is a new generation behind them – o(...)

Aquisition will bring Verizon another step closer to capturing one billion Yahoo users. Photograph: iStock

Verizon Communications will acquire Yahoo’s internet properties at a $350 million (€332 million) discount after revelations of security breaches at th(...)