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The anti-Islam group Pegida march in Dresden following the Charlie Hebdo massacre. German chancellor Angela Merkel has said she will attend a vigil organised by German Muslim groups and reiterated that Islam is ‘a part of Germany’. Photograph: Arno Burgi/EPA

In Berlin about 10,000 people have gathered before the Brandenburg Gate for a vigil organised by Germany’s Muslim community. At the event, attended by(...)

Supporters of the Pegida movement hold up German flags at another of their weekly gatherings in Dresden, Germany. Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Among the flags waving last Monday evening in Dresden the most unlikely sight in the drizzle was a tattered Irish Tricolour. It was held aloft by S(...)

Adam Tanner, author of What Stays in Vegas: The World of Personal Data – Lifeblood of Big Business – and the End of Privacy as We Know It

Back in 1988, journalist Adam Tanner was the victim of what he calls pre-internet era, “old fashioned data gathering”.While in Dresden – then still a (...)

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