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44 Fitzwilliam Sq: Beautifully restored Georgian home of late developer Paddy Kelly sold within just two weeks for €3.5million.

In what has been a challenging year for the property market a recent industry report flagging a weakening in prices at the upper end of the Dublin mar(...)

Ed Hammond of Slated at work

“Hammonds have been making slates for generations,” says Tara Hammond. “A complete lack of imagination!” she continues, laughing. “If you look up the (...)

“I’ve been avoiding calling you!” the old man goes. “Feared that you and I would get sucked into another one of our famous political contretemps vis-a(...)

Alderley in Glenageary, Co Dublin

Christmas isn’t cancelled, at least not yet. Many overseas family members are still hoping to get home for the festive period to spend holidays with l(...)

Sanjay Vishwakarma of  Sanjay’s Kitchen in Birr, Co Offaly. Photograph: Alan Betson

To tackle the topic of Indian food in Ireland is to tease a thread out of a complicated tapestry, and here we can offer only the briefest glimpse. Ind(...)

Robert Fisk joined the London Independent in 1989 and continued to work for that publication until his death.

Veteran foreign correspondent and author Robert Fisk has died after becoming unwell at his Dublin home on Friday. It is understood the journalist was(...)

When it comes to multi-tasking, there really is no one like my wife. I’m saying that as I watch her expertly corve a pumpkin with one hand and, with t(...)

Hollywood Actor Matt Damon has sent a message of support by video to the children, families and staff of Dublin’s Temple Street Hospital. The Oscar-w(...)

Irish retailers are facing a tough Christmas with new Covid-19 restrictions closing non-essential outlets

We have been overwhelmed, in the best possible way, by the response to our original list, a few weeks ago, of 100 Irish websites where you can buy lov(...)

‘So why the fock are you buying presents if Santa focking brings them?’

I’m shaken awake at some ridiculous hour – we’re talking, like, eight o’clock in the morning. And Sorcha – I shit you not – goes, “Johnny Sexton is at(...)

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