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Anything Goes comes to Dublin. ‘Has there ever been a musical with so many hits?’

“In olden days, a glimpse of stocking Was looked on as something shocking. But now, God knows, Anything goes.” The world may be falling apart on all (...)

The return of the touring musical, including Oklahoma. Photograph: Dave Benett/Getty Images

We’re not post-pandemic just yet. Not when the mention of “numbers” can still be slipped into conversation with no need for context. And yet there is (...)

Penn Jillette and Teller: ‘Magicians were the people who came on TV and got in the way of me seeing The Who and Led Zeppelin,’ says Penn.

Besuited magical duo Penn & Teller consist of one large man who talks a lot and one smaller man who is silent. It seems fitting then that when I r(...)

Fiona Walsh on the decks in New York

Fiona Walsh lives in Manhattan. From Tipperary, she is an actor, comic and DJ I’ve always been a huge fan of dancing - and with every kind of mu(...)

Niamh Cusack in Faith Healer at the Abbey theatre, Dublin. Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

Who is the art market for if not the morbidly curious? In that marketplace, the impact of an artist’s demise on the value of their works is sometimes (...)

A roadside vendor sells oranges  at Asese, Ogun State in southwest Nigeria.  From Nigerian airlines to Malawi bakers, African countries are feeling the pain of Ukraine’s crisis as supply disruptions hike inflation and oil prices push up fuel costs. Photograph: Pius Utomi Expei/AFP/Getty

From fuel to wheat, the invasion of Ukraine is already having a potentially devastating effect on prices across Africa. In Sierra Leone, a West Afric(...)

Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather,  the film based on the novel by Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Photograph: CBS via Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine The Godfather without Al Pacino. His understated performance as Michael Corleone, who became a respectable war hero despite his c(...)

Ruth Negga will see this as some consolation for unexpectedly not being nominated at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Ruth Negga has won best supporting actress at the Independent Spirit Awards for her performance in Rebecca Hall’s Passing. The actress, from Limerick(...)

The 81-year-old actor talks about playing Picard as an intergalactic Prospero, hitting the bottle during an exhausting Macbeth and reaching page 310 of his memoir. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Patrick Stewart is slightly surprised to be talking about the impending second series of Star Trek: Picard, during a break from shooting the third in (...)

James Joyce’s Ulysses: Hard because it’s great, or do people assume it’s great because it’s hard? Photograph: Barry Cronin/AFP via Getty Images

I was in an Uber on Broadway in New York City when suddenly the world began violently shaking. A van had rammed the Uber. I was stunned, but I was al(...)

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