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Warming in polar regions is happening at a much faster rate than overall global average temperature rise

The collapse of the Conger ice shelf in East Antarctica, with a surface area of 1,200 sq km, coincides with polar regions experiencing unusually high (...)

Satellite data from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission showed that movement of the ice shelf began between March 5th and 7th. Photograph: iStock

An ice shelf about the size of Rome has completely collapsed in East Antarctica within days of record high temperatures, according to satellite data. (...)

At this time of year, the Antarctic should be rapidly cooling after its summer. Photograph: Getty

Startling heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles are causing alarm among climate scientists, who have warned the “unprecedented” events could signal faste(...)

Ernest Shackleton’s ship which has not been seen since it was crushed by the ice and sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915. Photograph:  Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust/National Georgraphic/PA Wire

Ronan McGreevy and Anne Lucey The discovery of the Endurance 107 years after it sank in the Weddell Sea will further burnish Irish man Ernest Shackl(...)

Jost Kobusch crosses a small plateau called Lho La after the highly technical first part of the West Ridge of Everest in January 2020. Photograph: Daniel Hug via The New York Times

The tattered remains of an orange tent flap in the wind. A single rope dangles from a 91-metre wall of rock. The sound of crampons squeaking on snow a(...)

The Monastery or Ad Deir in Petra: Flights to Petra in Jordan are up by 22 per cent this year as interest in long-haul holidays picks up. Photograph: iStock

Pent-up demand for longer and more expensive holidays signal a return to foreign travel unseen since 2019 Grandparents going on epic holidays wi(...)

Ernest Shackleton. Photograph: The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images

An expedition to locate the lost ship of renowned polar explorer and Kildare native Sir Ernest Shackleton will set sail 100 years after his death. Th(...)

Dear world ... Photograph: Getty

Last month we launched the Irish Times children’s climate writing competition in association with Smurfit Kappa. As more than 190 world leaders prepar(...)

The hole in the ozone layer is predicted to close by 2060. Photograph: AP/NOAA

The COP26 summit raises two crucial questions: the possibility, indeed the practicality, of obtaining international consensus, and whether that consen(...)

Richard Powers: Bewilderment’s dexterous narrative weaves themes of climate and grief

“It changed how I thought about the Earth and our place in it… It changed how I see things and that’s always, for me, a mark of a book worth reading.”(...)

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