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WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide

Facebook’s WhatsApp tightened message forwarding limits on Tuesday, restricting users to sharing forwarded content one chat at a time after a jump in(...)

Medical specialists attend to patients with respiratory diseases at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases located in Mexico City. Photograph: Jose Mendez/EPA

Rumour, like fake news, is contagious. And the bigger the lie, the faster and the further it spreads. Not least on the social media platforms whose ro(...)

Despite warnings, misinformation and fake news continues to circulate widely on social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp in particular. File Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Zero eight-hundred-hours (8am) came and went, as did 11am, and despite speculation whipped up by bogus messages shared widely on social media over the(...)

TikTok, seen here as one of the social media apps on a smartphone, has amassed 90,000 daily Irish users aged 15-plus, says Ipsos MRBI. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

TikTok is used daily by more than 90,000 Irish people over the age of 15, according to a new study by Ipsos MRBI. The research firm found that some 6(...)

Facebook blamed WhatsApp’s flaws on “limitations that can’t be solved due to their structure and architecture”, Oded Vanunu of Check Point said. Photograph: Thomas White/Reuters

Cybersecurity experts who found a way to hack WhatsApp and manipulate chat messages said this week that Facebook has failed to address the flaws, a ye(...)

‘Worse still, once installed on your device, any sign of the attack disappears.’ Photograph: Getty

In most spheres, the standard mantra is that one must first walk before attempting to run. Why then, when it comes to technology, is everyone so keen (...)

Because of its encryption, WhatsApp is widely used by vulnerable human rights defenders around the world, whose lives – and those of their fellow campaigners, and of friends, co-workers and family on their contacts list – may depend on the app’s security. Photograph: Ritchie B. Tongo/EPA

Although WhatsApp uses strong encryption to protect the privacy of calls and conversations, and has been touted as an important tool for protecting pe(...)

WhatsApp, which has around 1.5 billion users, has been trying to find ways to stop misuse of the app.

Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger service is globally limiting the number of times a user can forward a message to five, in a bid to fight “misinformation(...)

A new study has found 90% of physicians felt they could not provide the best possible clinical care without using instant messaging. Photograph: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

Doctors in Irish hospitals are “routinely” exchanging sensitive patient data using phone apps such as WhatsApp, potentially putting them in breach of (...)

Facebook has been fined by French privacy watchdog CNIL. The €150,000 fine is small in the context of the company which has quarterly revenue of about $8bn

Facebook has been fined €150,000 by France’s CNIL data watchdog for failure to prevent its users’ data from being accessed by advertisers. The Commis(...)

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