Pure Storage

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The links to home are now sustained by software and silicon, lessening the need to substitute for them through tight-knit expat communities

The compact cemetery lies in serene opposition to the busy streets beyond its boundaries. There is a sense here of time standing still, with the sunl(...)

Pure Storage enables deployment of flash storage in data centres

US enterprise data flash storage firm Pure Storage is to double its workforce in Ireland with the opening of a new EMEA support centre in Dublin. The(...)

Valerie Casey, Sinead  O’Sullivan, Dee  Forbes,  Máire P  Walsh, Anita Sands, Anne-Marie Farrell

Anne-Marie Farrell Head of behavioural economics research Global SMB (small- and medium-sized business) marketing, Google Aft(...)

German start-up Soundcloud is one European tech company that’s looking into going public.

For investors craving that old Silicon Valley standby, harvesting fast money from an initial public offering in technology, the place to look (...)