Dark web: 'I could make you physically sick in minutes by showing you stuff now, but the second or the third or fourth time you see it you can get desensitised.' Illustration: iStock/Getty

A “regular” murder can be arranged for $45,000, while making a victim disappear without a trace costs $60,000. A straightforward crippling is $12,000 (...)

A  handout of comet Ison which grazed the outer layers of the sun yesterday. It is unclear if it survived the encounter.

A comet’s 5.5-million-year journey to the inner solar system has ended after it seemingly failed to survive a trip around the sun, leaving no trace of(...)

Online thread: the Silk Road darknet site was closed on Wednesday

The moment when a team of FBI agents raided a San Francisco library and arrested an innocuous-looking 29-year-old man who had been working on his lapt(...)