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Parents and children  at Hansfield Educate Together in Dublin 15, where Danu has been temporarily located.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Parents of children with autism in west Dublin fear being “pushed back to home tuition” due to a lack of progress on the construction of a new school (...)

Sony  has been under renewed pressure from US activist investor Daniel Loeb to unwind a series of holdings. Photograph: Yoshikazu Tsuno

Sony’s decision to sell its stake in Olympus was cheered by investors on Friday, as hopes strengthened the Japanese conglomerate would offload more of(...)

Snowfall in Co Longford on Friday. Photograph: Tierna Dolan

Dozens of schools throughout the borders were closed on Friday following overnight snowfall and freezing temperatures. Many schools – including St N(...)

1975 E21 (far right) gave birth to 3 Series name but 1982’s E30 (second right) created its birthright.

It didn’t feel much like an Earth-shattering event. There were no strange lights in the sky, no volcanic rumblings, no-one looking around for a helpfu(...)

A development in suburban Dublin is being regenerated after the original developers went into receivership following the recession. The origina(...)

308 R concept’s performance puts the hot hatch into the BMW M3’s league.

Peugeot has pulled a fast one on us and shown a car that we were expecting to see (a hot version of the 308 hatch) featuring technology that we just d(...)

Motorway tolls: set too high? Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Lower motor-tax rates and toll charges for HGVs are being considered by the Government to see if they can encourage more hauliers to use motorways.The(...)