A straw poll of recruiters indicated that many companies won’t look at candidates over 45 years of age even though they may still have 20 productive years ahead of them

At this stage, anyone who doesn’t know that diversity is good for business has clearly been taking a long nap behind the water cooler. Over the last f(...)

“We’ve seen a big shift in attitude to flexible working over the last three years, and it is fast becoming a bargaining tool.” Illustration: Getty Images

There’s a bit of nimbyism (not in my back yard) in Irish business when it comes to flexible working. Companies say they support the concept, but when (...)

Michael Dineen, chief executive of Contracting Plus (right) with commercial director Jimmy Sheehan

Mahe in India is home to one arm of a contracting services company founded by Cork businessman Michael Dineen. In the district of Kerala, 120 Contract(...)