Act like a new mother. Snatch sleep whenever and wherever possible. Photograph: Getty Images

The best weapon against jet lag is a seat in business – but here are three less pricey ways

According to a 2005 Cornell University study, mothers could expect a deficit in average starting salaries compared to childless women

Pilita Clark: there has rarely been a time when so much is being done to improve the lot of working women

A man entering the doors of the WeWork coworking space in Washington, DC. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

WeWork, where old firms and start-ups rub shoulders, is turning the office into a village

Humanyze gathers data from ID badges hung around people’s necks that have microphones and sensors that know where you are and who you are talking to. Photograph: Getty

It is easy to see why more employers are being tempted to snoop on their staff

 Studies have also  found that oddly named boys are over-represented in the ranks of US juvenile delinquents regardless of race

Pilita Clark: A study suggests people with an unusual first name are less likely to be hired

Unlimited vacation policies: “It is hard to think of another work perk that promises so much and delivers so little – to workers.”

More employers are offering bottomless holidays – but who really benefits?

Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias and Bloomberg CEO Michael Bloomberg  at the launch of Bloomberg’s new European headquarters in  London. Photograph:  Getty Images

Good to see what a billionaire and a starchitect can achieve in Bloomberg’s new office

People often soldier on  because they work for leaner, more stressed, companies where  the pressure to do more with less is constant

Pilita Clark: Many people go to work when ill because they fear they will be targeted in the next round of redundancies

The idiotic mistakes we make at work are awful and getting worse. Photograph: Getty Images

If you do send an idiotic email at work, just apologise and move on – never try to recall it

Company victims of a DDoS attack think a competitor was more likely to have been the perpetrator than a standard cyber criminal. Photograph: Getty Images

From florists to poker sites, when your site goes down it might not be a random hacker

PowerPoint presentations are typically a festival of unfathomable graphs and bullet points, often read out verbatim.

Problems stem from users who mistake complexity for expertise

Self-deprecation is “a disarmingly effective tool” in the workplace.

People who breezily crack jokes at their own expense ooze self-confidence

Study after study suggest open-plan offices make employees more miserable, more ill, less friendly and less productive but they’re much cheaper and so they’re here to stay.

With private offices all but history, we must hide behind plants and filing cabinets

The best mentors can be the worst employees. Photograph: iStock

I’ve had some sensational mentors, it’s just that neither they nor I knew it

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chairman Rajendra Pachauri comments on the panel’s climate report in Stockholm last Friday. Photograph: Reuters/Jessica Gow

Paris to host biggest UN talks on curbing emissions since 2009 Copenhagen meeting

 Lower cotton prices and markdowns meant Primark’s operating profit margin in the first half was higher than a year earlier. Photograph: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

Annual sales are expected to be 22% ahead of last year

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