Turnip tortilla

Three traditional dishes with my own twist that show off some Spain's wonderful food

Turnip tortilla

Hearty and delicious: grape and Parmesan risotto

I can’t make complicated food on a Sunday night: the effort wilts me

Confit duck with ginger and apple
Confit duck with ginger and apple

Grape and Parmesan risotto: you can drizzle olive oil over it.

A tasty and easy-to-make rice and cheese dish topped with fruit

Winter warmer: Flynny’s lamb hotpot. Photograph: Harry Weir

The chef-owner of the Tannery restaurant returns as The Irish Times’s cookery writer with three comforting dishes

Paul Flynn’s lamb hotpot. Photograph: Harry Weir
Flynny’s lamb hotpot

The turkey conversation usually starts in November – my capitulation comes in early December. Photograph: Getty

The argument rages on in the Flynn household, and chef Paul loses the battle, again

Don’t cook too much, spice it up a bit, and be careful who you have on your guest list

Paul Flynn (centre), dressed for action, with his  mother Mai  and siblings Declan, Marguerite and Breda

Chef Paul Flynn recalls when Christmas meant a new cowboy outfit, Milk Tray and Cidona

Grapefruit: Moisty and fruity gluten-free cake ingredient, or throwback to 1970s hotel lunch menus?

Patrick Hanlon and Russell Alford love a slice of the citrus fruit in a gin and tonic and make cakes with them. Paul Flynn can’t s(...)

 Paul Flynn with his daughters Anna and Ruth. Photographs: Joanne Murphy

Lidl has shown us how to eat in a Continental way on a budget and now top chef Paul Flynn has a new cook book devoted to Lidl food

Recipe: Pink Lady pie

Strawberries for Paul Flynn’s ice cream cake. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien
Strawberry ice-cream cake

This Paul Flynn recipe makes 'the easiest birthday cake known to man.'

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