Family-style cassoulet. Photographs: Harry Weir

It’s such a prominent part of our own food culture that it is almost part of me

Family-style cassoulet. Photograph: Harry Weir
Family-style cassoulet

A winter soup. Photograph: Harry Weir
A winter soup

Haloumi with olives, tomatoes and cardamom

A few vegetarian options for those looking to keep it light after the Christmas splurge

Chestnut mushroom carbonara

Enjoy one last blowout this weekend with this trio of delicious recipes

Butterbean cassoulet with ham, chestnuts and cider. Photograph: Paul Flynn/ Harry Weir

These recipes will be a fitting end to your lovely Christmas ham and turkey

Baked Cooleeney Camembert, crimson grape chutney

Baked cheese, a treat for the meat-lovers and then a fish dish to mix things up a little

Flake the salmon, then mix through the vegetables. Serve with a little extra creme fraiche on the side

This sophisticated and tasty dish is surprisingly easy to prepare

Roast crown of turkey, sage, onion and date pudding, sherry chestnut gravy. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

I’m putting stuffing on the side for the first time ever this year and pairing it with some interesting vegetable dishes

Tasty starter: Goatsbridge smoked trout, butterhead lettuce, clementine and trout roe dressing. Photograph: Harry Weir photography

Get your festive feast off to a stunning start with these simple but stunning first courses

Paul Flynn (right) and his Camino de Santiago walking partners David Gaffney (Dof) and Pat Mcgrath  in front on the Cathedral of St James , Santiago De Compostella .

Groaning jugs of wine, grizzled chicharron, unending octopus and fish so fresh it shimmers

The showstopping main: sticky duck, date and potato cake

A seasonal three-course feast that is easy to make and can be prepared in advance

Greek chicken pie. Photograph: Harry Weir

Three pies ... Okay, one’s a crumble, but it is a deliciously comforting winter warmer

Greek chicken pie. Photograph: Harry Weir
Greek chicken pie

Peperonata pie. Photograph: Harry Weir
Peperonata pie

Leek and smoked haddock lasagne with curry spices. Photographs: Harry Weir

Paul Flynn: There’s no smoke without flavour – just don’t overdo it

Paul Flynn’s meatballs with French onion broth, chestnuts and Cavanbert. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Paul Flynn shares his favourite meatball recipe and Aoife Noonan makes a fruity iced dessert with boozy chocolate sauce

Pulled lamb vindaloo with mango yoghurt

Crowd-pleasing recipes with a bit of spice action, from Paul Flynn

Duck and spiced apple galette. Photographs: Harry Weir

Please accept this one word of wisdom. Make it your Irish Times Food Month resolution

A special autumn salad

Softly spiced pork belly with beetroot borani. Photographs: Harry Weir

The best cooks can take leftovers and make something special with them, like these tasty dinners

A simple rillette of pork. Photograph: Harry Weir
A simple rillette of pork

Chicken, root vegetable and barley stew with cider and ginger cream. Photograph: Harry Weir

A one-pot wonder, a veggie showstopper and an occasion-ready gratin

Crispy chicken legs and potatoes, fondue of leeks and dill

Keep a tub of the fat in your fridge, it makes great roast potatoes that get better with every use

Fried gnocci with caccio e pepe sauce. Photograph: Harry Weir

These delicious dishes deliver that special comfort that only Italian food can give

Sicilian onion tarts. Photograph: Harry Weir
Sicilian onion tarts

Sauté of lamb kidneys, bay leaves and blackberries. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Quail, kidneys and Jerusalem artichokes star in these evocative, old school recipes

Cauliflower and chickpea roti. Photograph: Harry Weir

Putting the word ‘spice’ on a menu can put diners off. But it doesn’t always mean heat

Poached seafood in chilli, ginger and coconut broth

A new take on the classic bouillabaisse, a retro pork stroganoff and a beetroot stew

Grilled plaice, jalapeño, lime and parsley crust. Photograph: Harry Weir

Embrace the slight chill in the air with these three hearty, comforting dishes


A one-pot cod dish; Spaghetti with cavolo nero, tomatoes, Coolea and salami; and crab salad

Crab salad. Photograph: Harry Weir
Crab salad

Lamb chops, ras al hanout tomatoes, cous cous and elderflower yoghurt

Lamb chops, barbecued monkfish and smoked potatoes inspired by a perfect evening


Paul Flynn: Thai noodle salad; frozen prawns with avocado, herbs with creme fraiche; and pared down panzanella

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