Pot roast red cabbage, goat's cheese cream and roasted hazelnuts. Photograph:  Harry Weir

I flick through lifestyle cookbooks while munching crisps and chocolate in my jim-jams

Photograph: Harry Weir

Platter of juicy roast chicken, anchovy scented peppers and cooling aioli will go down a treat

Warm couscous, cauliflower and almond salad. Photograph: Harry Weir

Start the year with good intentions, guilt-free pilaff, steamed sea trout and warm couscous

Photograph:  Harry Weir
Guilt-free pilaff

Paul Flynn, The Tannery, Dungarvan, Co Waterford: ‘I have a little project that has cheered me up no end. At the end of last summer I bought a clapped out campervan.’

For 2021 I vow to appreciate any future freedoms and never take anything for granted again

Burrata, sticky red cabbage, pomegranate and orange.  Photograph: Harry Weir

These easy, last-minute recipes will be useful in the busy days ahead

Warm Christmas Salad. Photograph: Harry Weir
Warm Christmas salad

Roast Turkey crown, ras-al-hanout, carrots, dates and almonds; parsnip cake; and Brussels sprout and apple champ. Photograph: Harry Weir

This champ goes perfectly with the ham while the parsnip cake is certain to please vegetarians

Warm potato terrine with smoked bacon and dried fruit. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

A potato terrine that really pays dividends; a smoked salmon puff with few ingredients, and dates that pop

Brussels sprout risotto, toffee parsnips and apple. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

In my world, winter food needs to be a little bit rich. It insulates us against the cold.

Roast chicken noodle soup. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Paul Flynn: Here is a trio of delicious options for the many soup lovers in Ireland

Lamb shank broth. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography
Lamb shank broth

Maple drizzled bacon ribs, sour cream, apple cinnamon butter. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Sticky confit duck Yorkies, smoked chipotle sloppy joes and maple drizzled bacon ribs

Sticky duck Yorkies

Chorizo and red onion hash. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

These dishes are all simple, encouraging you to do whatever catches your fancy

Waterford coddle
Waterford coddle

Roast pork shoulder, hoisin sauce. Photograph: Harry Weir

A joyful, Korean-style, family-sized meal inspired by US titan David Chang of Momofuku

Spicebag slaw

Poached eggs, black and white pudding, sage brown butter. Photograph: Harry Weir

A breakfast feast, a healthy and satisfying lunch and a soothing supper dish

Cock-a-leekie pie. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

The cock-a-leekie pie at Spitalfields has become legendary in no time at all. Here's my version

Cock-a-leekie pie

Stump, sausages and apple gravy. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Rigatoni with mortadella; stump, sausages and gravy; and baked rice with spiced chicken

Fig and goat’s cheese galette. Photograph: Harry Weir

A traybake, a rustic tart and a simple chutney make the most of autumnal ingredients

A very easy chutney. Photograph: Harry Weir
A very easy chutney

Steak trencher, parsley, capers and shallots Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Delicious things on bread, inspired by chefs Fergus Henderson and Franco Taruschio

Malt vinegar chicken, mushrooms, thyme and smoked bacon Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Comforting noodles, an autumn salad and a chicken tray bake for the family

Pork chops with glazed turnips, cider and smoked bacon. Photographs: Harry Weir

This one-pot chicken dish is soothing. The bacon brings the turnip to another level

One-pot chicken with cider.
One-pot chicken with cider

Sweet potato, spinach, spiced pumpkin seeds and goat’s cheese. Photograph: Harry Weir

After a strange, busy summer, time for some autumny dishes to enjoy on chilly evenings

Roasted courgettes with burrata, umami dressing and serrano ham. Photograph: Harry Weir

I’d heard of umami, but never really understood it, so this dressing came as a revelation

Lamb chops with minty peas and mustard mash. Photograph: Harry Weir

A letter from a widower made me think. These meals are for Bill, and others like him

Spaghetti with yellow pepper cream.  Photograph:  Harry Weir Photography

Sometimes just getting good ingredients and treating them with respect is enough

Feta and basil dip.  Photograph: Harry Weir Photography
Feta and basil dip

Souvlaki of pulled lamb shoulder with roasted peppers. Photograph: Harry Weir

Take a holiday from your usual fare with this week’s lamb souvlaki, goat's cheese and peach salad and gazpacho with a twist

Watermelon gazpacho. Photograph: Harry Weir
Watermelon gazpacho

Ling with chickpeas, orange and ras al hanout. Photograph: Harry Weir

A ling option to linger over and a pissaladière fit to transport you straight to Provence

Pissaladier. Photograph: Harry Weir

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