The Mercedes GLA’s 200D diesel engine feels a little old fashioned in this hybrid-electric world but it’s hugely economical in daily use.

Puzzling new model ditches comfortable middle ground for space between rock and hard place

Fully electric cars are gaining ground fast – and some old favourites have been reborn

Striking: the Peugeot e-2008 wins big in terms of styling

New SUV looks the part but underperforming battery may spook potential buyers

Does the ‘Urbanaut’ concept herald a future for people carriers? Mini seems to think so

The ESB is set to introduce pricing for its ultra-rapid 150kW electric car chargers, starting from December 1st

You’ll pay 34c per kWh when connected to the ESB’s new 150kW chargers

Jaguar Land Rover is collaborating in a new research hub in Shannon, to help design and test   self-driving vehicles. Photograph: Reuters/Vivek Prakash/File Photo

New campus seeks to accelerate the development of robotic cars

The Mayflower Autonomous Vessel berthed in Plymouth, England

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship could be the first robotic vessel to safely cross the Atlantic

Camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are integrated into the grille - which BMW now calls an ‘intelligence panel’

The new iX may be all about the plug-in power and automated driving features - but all the talk is of that grille

Plug-in hybrids are seen as both a possible solution and a hindrance to reducing carbon emissions. Photograph: iStock

If they are not being plugged in, they are worse for the environment

Audi’s Formula-E racing driver Lucas Di Grassi has been testing the e-Tron GT during development and is very enthusiastic about it. ‘The car’s grip and precision in cornering are definitely very impressive,’ he told The Irish Times.

Electric GT joins V10 R8 on the same production line as Audi goes electric for its next performance model

Sisk has taken delivery of 10 new Volkswagen ID.3 electric cars for its company car fleet. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ten VW ID.3 vehicles added to fleet as part of €2.8m sustainability investment

This short-wheelbase model is, surely, the Defender as she is meant to be spoken.

You want sports-car speed with forest-trail traction? You can have it

I think it’s unquestionable that this P300e will rapidly become the best-selling Evoque, and likely  the best-selling Land Rover model

Plug-in hybrid power is only a baby step on the EV road, but it’s a good one

The Mazda MX-30 has a range of 200km on a single charge, or about 265km if you’re driving exclusively around town

Smaller battery equals greater environmental gains, but will customers buy in to that?

According to Irish fuel retailer Applegreen, you can now have your hydrocarbon cake and eat it

Applegreen says it’s going to offset the emissions of its fuel, but does offsetting actually work?

The Land Rover Defender: “Finished on the stunt course, I plod back to base. I think I’ve covered myself more in mud than glory, and Commander Bond remains elusively un-caught.”

The first new Defenders off the production line were shipped straight to the set of the new James Bond film

Karting remains a relatively Covid-friendly activity, and one that you can have great fun with

The outside world might be a mess, but you can still strap on a helmet and have some fun

You can have the Berlingo in two wheelbases  4.4m (14.4ft) long, with five seats and a large boot or a longer 4.75m.

French offering is a practical family car that maximises space and value for money

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe is expected to take his lead for motoring issues from the Tax Strategy Group proposals. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

Budget 2021: The influential Tax Strategy Group explicitly rejected industry lobbying in its recent budget recommendations

While the technology is unquestionably clever and the potential benefits clear, it turns out that creating robotic taxis is actually a lot harder than anyone thought. Photograph: iStock

Getting the technology from the lab to the real world has proven rather tricky

The functions of connections are going to grow, almost day-by-day, ever more closely integrating our digital lives with our driving lives

Connected services can turn our cars into mobile hubs, seething with data

John O’Leary, general manager and chief executive of InnaLab’s Irish operations: “This was an opportunity, and a challenge, to do something different.”

InnaLabs making an incredibly delicate navigation system for a space craft

Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid ST-Line X: Shoots straight to the top of our 2020 charts.

Sacred name, not taken in vain: enormous fun wrapped in a compact package

Tesla  has often been in the safety firing line for over-hyping and over-selling its driver assistance systems. Photograph:  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Euro NCAP launches new assessment to clear doubts over driver assistance systems

John Campion (left), through his CJJ Motorsports organisation, had been backing the careers of such as James Roe Junior (right)

Campion had been building a collection of the greatest Irish racing cars

Rolls Royce Ghost: An ambulatory work of art.

Haters gonna hate, but the new Ghost is a truly remarkable piece of engineering

Volvo XC40 T5 plug-in hybrid

Twin Test: The Swedish and German cars look like peas in a pod, but they’re not

The Bugatti Type 57 SC is known in the trade as La Voiture Noire.

The world’s most valuable car could be out there, somewhere … just waiting to be found

There is still a significant barrier to electric car ownership. Photograph: PA Wire

Some electric vehicles still cost €10,000 more than petrol versions of the same cars

New Hyundai Tucson: dramatic redesign is most in evidence at the front

Korean brand renews its currently conservative best-seller with avant-garde styling

Sensible-shoes saloon arrives with a €23,950 price tag

The Ford SYNC system.

Ford wants you to set up your new car from your phone

Skoda Superb.

Not ready to go full electric? A plug-in hybrid could be a low emission option

The wings fold up in a demonstration of the Terrafugia “Flying Car” during the first day of press previews at the New York International Automobile Showon April 4, 2012 in New York. Photograph: Stan Honda/AFP via Getty Images

Flying cars, accident-free cars, and electric everything. Just some of the 2020 motoring promises that aren’t going to be fulfille(...)

The Skoda Enyaq will go on sale here, starting in April 2021

No sooner does Volkswagen’s new all-electric ID.3 arrive on Irish shores, than Skoda unveils its first electric SUV

The Grand California is a VW van that’s been turned into a mobile home on wheels

Not even Volkswagen’s biggest and best campervan can keep our man in the van

New cabin air filter may help to trap virus particles, while both cars get new engine options

Does the GLB do enough, though, to invalidate the appeal of the GLA or GLC? Well, not quite

Instantly likable ‘mini Defender’ puts pressure on similar GLA and more ‘prestigious’ GLC

Going green: ‘The economics of it is just going to come out in favour of an electric van.’ Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty

Dublin distributor Harris advises companies to at least think about the future-proofing

Jaguar Land Rover researchers have taken in data from a series of tests, including thousands of kilometres of test driving, to try to divine the secrets of motion sickness. Photograph: Jaguar/New York Times

Jaguar Land Rover’s Irish researchers say it’s one of the ways of reducing effects by up to 60%

Daniel Ricciardo in the Renault F1 Team RS20 during last month’s  British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Fan-free races, and tracks in isolated bubbles. It’s all changed since F1 was a kid

Spot the difference: Land Rover Defender on th left, the  Grenadier on the right.

UK court ruling frees up Ineos to proceed with its Grenadier Defender-clone

Ford Kuga: a hugely impressive plug-in hybrid that might just help cement a Ford renaissance

US carmaker’s new offering comes with nice styling, sharp price and lots of electric miles

Tesla’s oft-controversial boss, Elon Musk, has confirmed that the electric car maker has plans to drive down-market, and create cheaper, entry-level models

Elon Musk confirms plans for smaller, cheaper Tesla to investors

‘The idea of holidaying in a space that you yourself own, which you can clean yourself and which won’t have been used by others recently, is definitely reassuring.’ Photograph: iStock

As interest in campers swells in Britain, Volkswagen reckons there’s an Irish opening too

Will cars one day be able to power our homes? Audi seems to think so.

German carmaker teams up with the Hager Group to investigate bi-directional chargers

The data is taken from 131,000 active second-hand warranties. Photograph: iStock

The least reliable car brands are dominated by high-end luxury and supercar marques

Tesla has often touted its over-the-air software updates as a major benefit of owning one of its electric cars.

BMW preparing its cars for post-purchase equipment payments

The Focus ST is an eighties heroes reborn

Focus ST reminds us why we love a fast Ford

Electric car sales are pretty much the only bright spot in the current Covid-affected sales gloom

Dealers are calling for the removal of the financial hurdle currently facing electric car demonstrators

The ESB has announced that it’s going to introduce pricing for its network of slow 22kW electric car chargers

Electric car drivers will now pay 29c per kilowatt to charge their cars

With taxis having much higher mileages than an average private car, they are seen as a crucial battleground in the fight against climate change

Programme for Government says taxis have ‘disproportionate impact’ on air quality

The Ineos Grenadier has finally been revealed, after a long gestation process which had seen the company try to buy the rights to make the original Defender from Land Rover

‘No nonsense’ 4x4 designed to full the utilitarian void left behind by the old Land Rover Defender

The Czinger 21C,  which has a largely 3D-printed chassis, boasts 1,250hp to drive its featherweight 1,250kg weight.

With contractions looming, car makers are rethinking their manufacturing processes

e-Tron: Audi’s big all-electric SUV isn’t cheap, but once you’re on board you see why. The cabin is beautifully built, and performance is impressive

From the Audi e-Tron to Volvo XC40 P8, via Nissan and Tesla, we rate a full 36 models

The new Mokka will go on sale in the second half of this year, but won’t physically make it into dealers until early 2021

Dramatic styling for Opel’s new small crossover

The Arteon is unlikely to be a strong seller in Ireland, where we still can’t shake off our prejudice against estates.

German company about to launch arguably its most important car since the Golf

“Cars is a money-losing market and that’s why you see our competitors coming into semi trucks now.”

Founder Trevor Milton: ‘For my generation, revenue is not everything’

VW’s all-important electric hatch arrives in Ireland soon, but software delays remain

‘The car is seen as a problem, to be dealt with through policing rather than being used positively.’ Photograph: iStock

Cars can be a great leveller with ‘meet-ups’ helping to bring fans of all race together

What happens, though, to your local filling station when the great electric day dawns? Photograph: PA

With the electric revolution gathering speed, what happens to the parish (petrol) pump?

The impact of Covid-19 came as Lookers was already suffering from a decline in sales

Belfast-based dealer group suffering as car sales recovery stutters

The Irish Car Carbon Reduction Alliance (ICCRA) has carried out a survey of 1,000 car buyers, and says that 82 per cent don’t think that the Government’s plans for a combustion engine ban is achievable.

Carbon Reduction Alliance says confusion is holding back market recovery

Prof Frank Kelly: “Ideally I would like to see any vehicles in our large city centres be either eletric or hydrogen.”

Leading Irish researcher says emissions cheating by car companies was flagged in 2010

The updated 5 Series gets a new nose, with slimmer headlights that now incorporate the distinctive L-shaped LED signature

New plug-in 545e version is coming, plus mild hybrids for everyone

The power output of the charger is one thing, but the ability of the car and its battery to be able to draw down that power is quite another.

EVs nudge ahead of petrol in distance stakes as car makers boast of charging speeds

VW’s affordable performance hero packs bigger punch and additional digital options

SpaceX Starlink satellites visible in the night sky over Skopje, North Macedonia. The fifth series of satellites was launched by US space company SpaceX from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on March 18th. Photograph: Georgi Licovski/EPA

Alarm raised that sky could be overrun with hundreds of thousands of tiny satellites

Conor Shanahan at Mondello Park. Photograph: Paddy McGrath

Cork’s Conor Shanahan, ace drifter, now has Red Bull backing

Dacia Logan: decent ride quality and fuel economy make up for some rough layout edges

Spacious and practical estate gives the lie to ever-popular not-so-useful SUVs

Road test: Trying to turn an SUV into a coupe just doesn’t work - except when it does

Who would have thought a manual, front-drive, three-cylinder, 1 Series could be one of the most truly BMW BMWs you can buy?

Basic 118i feels more like a proper BMW than models costing thousands more

‘For an average car, it costs around €1,400 to do a full-body wrap,’ says Kon Makovoy of wrapping specialists Car Style. Photograph: iStock

In a world of grey and black cars, vehicle wraps are a cheap way of changing colours

“It still sounds a little bit creepy, if you think about it – going into a car where there is no one at the steering wheel.”

The new decade is here, so when can I get my autonomous car?

Recued astronaut Jim Lovell aboard USS Iwo Jima reading a newspaper about the crew’s successful recovery operations, in April 1970. Photograph: AFP via Getty

There was one thing Hollywood got right about the mission: the necessity of experts

Racing fans and professional drivers have taken to digital racing, allowing amateurs to race against some of the best drivers in the world. Photograph: Patrick Gosling

Online racing jumps in popularity as Covid-19 crisis grinds real racing to a halt

Cars sales are picking up again in China with some sales apparently coming from the fact that people are now more nervous of using public transport.

Sales and registrations of interest pick up as lockdowns are lifted

The new 7 is currently undergoing testing and development, and BMW’s chairperson, Oliver Zipse, has already confirmed that the next-generation Munich flagship will go electric

650hp electric powertrain rumoured for ultimate Beemer

The research, carried out by the universities of Bologna and Bari, has raised the possibility that the Corona-19 virus cells could attach themselves to the tiny particles of soot, the infamous ‘particulate matter’ which is part of the exhaust fumes of passing vehicles

Virus may be attaching itself to airborne particles from exhaust fumes

Where’s Edd: Star of TV’s Wheeler Dealers for 13 series, Edd China

TV’s favourite spanner-man is just the soothing balm we need right now

Significant numbers of buyers don’t have the full facts when choosing a new car

Volkswagen’s new ID.3 electric hatchback will claim to be the most environmentally-friendly car on Earth.

What are the best eco-friendly driving options for us all?

Sometimes patents are taken out protectively, to stop a rival company from doing something similar. Photograph: iStock

Some are outlandish and unworkable; others could change motoring as we know it

With 155hp and 250Nm of torque, the Peugeot 2008 GT fairly shifts along. It’ll crack 100km/h in just under nine seconds

The in-your-face styling is a dramatic change, but it could still attract a big driving audience

Lamborghini has begun making face masks and shield visors at its factory in northern Italy

Ford, Seat, and Lamborghini all now making kit for hospitals

Medtronic is sharing the design specifications for one of its ventilators which can be used to treat critically ill patients suffering the worst affects of Covid-19. Photograph: iStock

Ventilators considered critical in fight against Covid-19

Rivian chief executive RJ Scaringe. Photograph: Phillip Faraone/Getty

Ford and Amazon are ploughing many millions into the electric pick-up truck start-up

Perhaps the more concerning thing should be that, faced with challenges such as air pollution and the spread of viruses, our societal response is not to try to fix the source of the problems but to buy more products to try and mitigate their effects. Photograph: iStock

Once a Mel Brooks gag, now people are paying a lot of money for something with dubious health benefits

Some motoring life must continue,  as people still need to work, and those working in vital services and industries still need to be able to get about. Photograph: iStock

Online car buying is up, and AA is offering free help for the elderly and health workers

The AA in Ireland is now offering free roadside assistance to anyone who works in healthcare, and to older motorists should their car break down.

Automobile Association will offer roadside rescue to those who need it most, whether they are members or not

You need to regularly wash down, preferably with a disinfectant wipe, the main contact surfaces, including the steering wheel, gear shifter, touchscreen, door handles, and the most commonly-used buttons.

Your car will be vital during the crisis but to protect yourself and your family the same cleanliness rules apply - and take cauti(...)

The latest reports  show that carbon emissions from cars are still rising, and we simply cannot afford, in any sense, for that to continue. Photograph: iStock

E10 fuel, which mixes plant-based ethanol into petrol, is being touted as a climate saviour but is it more trouble than it’s worth(...)

Subaru Forester e-Boxer Hybrid XE Premium

New hybrid shows off the best – and the worst – of the iconoclastic Japanese brand

At last year’s event, Jaguar Land Rover put forward a proposal to turn the fringes of Shannon Airport into a vast test facility for autonomous vehicles.

Weston Airport will be the new home for the four-wheeled tech summit

XYZ Reality Founder David Mitchell (centre) with co-founders Umar Ahmed (left) and Murray Hendrikson (right). The firm’s new virtual reality system has been developed especially for building sites

XYZ Reality’s goggles allow builders and construction crews to view blueprints in living 3D

The 62kWh Nissan Leaf lacks for one major item relative to its opposition: range

Extra capacity doesn’t pay off when it comes to range anxiety

Workers at the Geneva International Motor Show, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Photograph: Richard Juilliart/AFP via Getty

This week showed why the internet is a poor place for a car show: cars need tactility

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