VW’s affordable performance hero packs bigger punch and additional digital options

SpaceX Starlink satellites visible in the night sky over Skopje, North Macedonia. The fifth series of satellites was launched by US space company SpaceX from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on March 18th. Photograph: Georgi Licovski/EPA

Alarm raised that sky could be overrun with hundreds of thousands of tiny satellites

Conor Shanahan at Mondello Park. Photograph: Paddy McGrath

Cork’s Conor Shanahan, ace drifter, now has Red Bull backing

Dacia Logan: decent ride quality and fuel economy make up for some rough layout edges

Spacious and practical estate gives the lie to ever-popular not-so-useful SUVs

Road test: Trying to turn an SUV into a coupe just doesn’t work - except when it does

Who would have thought a manual, front-drive, three-cylinder, 1 Series could be one of the most truly BMW BMWs you can buy?

Basic 118i feels more like a proper BMW than models costing thousands more

‘For an average car, it costs around €1,400 to do a full-body wrap,’ says Kon Makovoy of wrapping specialists Car Style. Photograph: iStock

In a world of grey and black cars, vehicle wraps are a cheap way of changing colours

“It still sounds a little bit creepy, if you think about it – going into a car where there is no one at the steering wheel.”

The new decade is here, so when can I get my autonomous car?

Recued astronaut Jim Lovell aboard USS Iwo Jima reading a newspaper about the crew’s successful recovery operations, in April 1970. Photograph: AFP via Getty

There was one thing Hollywood got right about the mission: the necessity of experts

Racing fans and professional drivers have taken to digital racing, allowing amateurs to race against some of the best drivers in the world. Photograph: Patrick Gosling

Online racing jumps in popularity as Covid-19 crisis grinds real racing to a halt

Cars sales are picking up again in China with some sales apparently coming from the fact that people are now more nervous of using public transport.

Sales and registrations of interest pick up as lockdowns are lifted

The new 7 is currently undergoing testing and development, and BMW’s chairperson, Oliver Zipse, has already confirmed that the next-generation Munich flagship will go electric

650hp electric powertrain rumoured for ultimate Beemer

The research, carried out by the universities of Bologna and Bari, has raised the possibility that the Corona-19 virus cells could attach themselves to the tiny particles of soot, the infamous ‘particulate matter’ which is part of the exhaust fumes of passing vehicles

Virus may be attaching itself to airborne particles from exhaust fumes

Where’s Edd: Star of TV’s Wheeler Dealers for 13 series, Edd China

TV’s favourite spanner-man is just the soothing balm we need right now

Significant numbers of buyers don’t have the full facts when choosing a new car

Volkswagen’s new ID.3 electric hatchback will claim to be the most environmentally-friendly car on Earth.

What are the best eco-friendly driving options for us all?

Sometimes patents are taken out protectively, to stop a rival company from doing something similar. Photograph: iStock

Some are outlandish and unworkable; others could change motoring as we know it

With 155hp and 250Nm of torque, the Peugeot 2008 GT fairly shifts along. It’ll crack 100km/h in just under nine seconds

The in-your-face styling is a dramatic change, but it could still attract a big driving audience

Lamborghini has begun making face masks and shield visors at its factory in northern Italy

Ford, Seat, and Lamborghini all now making kit for hospitals

Medtronic is sharing the design specifications for one of its ventilators which can be used to treat critically ill patients suffering the worst affects of Covid-19. Photograph: iStock

Ventilators considered critical in fight against Covid-19

Rivian chief executive RJ Scaringe. Photograph: Phillip Faraone/Getty

Ford and Amazon are ploughing many millions into the electric pick-up truck start-up

Perhaps the more concerning thing should be that, faced with challenges such as air pollution and the spread of viruses, our societal response is not to try to fix the source of the problems but to buy more products to try and mitigate their effects. Photograph: iStock

Once a Mel Brooks gag, now people are paying a lot of money for something with dubious health benefits

Some motoring life must continue,  as people still need to work, and those working in vital services and industries still need to be able to get about. Photograph: iStock

Online car buying is up, and AA is offering free help for the elderly and health workers

The AA in Ireland is now offering free roadside assistance to anyone who works in healthcare, and to older motorists should their car break down.

Automobile Association will offer roadside rescue to those who need it most, whether they are members or not

You need to regularly wash down, preferably with a disinfectant wipe, the main contact surfaces, including the steering wheel, gear shifter, touchscreen, door handles, and the most commonly-used buttons.

Your car will be vital during the crisis but to protect yourself and your family the same cleanliness rules apply - and take cauti(...)

The latest reports  show that carbon emissions from cars are still rising, and we simply cannot afford, in any sense, for that to continue. Photograph: iStock

E10 fuel, which mixes plant-based ethanol into petrol, is being touted as a climate saviour but is it more trouble than it’s worth(...)

Subaru Forester e-Boxer Hybrid XE Premium

New hybrid shows off the best – and the worst – of the iconoclastic Japanese brand

At last year’s event, Jaguar Land Rover put forward a proposal to turn the fringes of Shannon Airport into a vast test facility for autonomous vehicles.

Weston Airport will be the new home for the four-wheeled tech summit

XYZ Reality Founder David Mitchell (centre) with co-founders Umar Ahmed (left) and Murray Hendrikson (right). The firm’s new virtual reality system has been developed especially for building sites

XYZ Reality’s goggles allow builders and construction crews to view blueprints in living 3D

The 62kWh Nissan Leaf lacks for one major item relative to its opposition: range

Extra capacity doesn’t pay off when it comes to range anxiety

Workers at the Geneva International Motor Show, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Photograph: Richard Juilliart/AFP via Getty

This week showed why the internet is a poor place for a car show: cars need tactility

McLaren is showing off its own new supercar and it’s the 765LT

Continuing our coverage of the not-happening 2020 Geneva motor show, here’s the fun stuff

Renault’s Romanian brand promises that the Spring EV will be Europe’s most affordable battery vehicle

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets revised styling at the front, with a broader, more pronounced radiator grille that takes inspiration from the likes of the CLA and CLS four-door coupes

All of the metal being shown off online - rather than at the stands in Geneva - that might realistically make it onto your drivewa(...)

Munich’s putative Tesla rival has some controversial rhinoplasty

Workers pack crates as they dismantle stalls at  the cancelled Geneva International Motor Show. Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg

Car companies go ahead with global reveals, even in the absence of an actual, physical motor show

The new Corsa may  lack  in star quality, but it does not put  a foot wrong in any major way

New small hatch is neat, well-made and strikes the right note

Opel’s Irish operations will now be managed by the Gowan Group, which is also the Irish importer for both Peugeot and Honda (and which also includes a kitchen supplies company and Senator Windows)

Leaping from Kia to Opel, James Brooks is taking on one of the toughest jobs in the Irish motor trade

Uniquely dubbed Henry Ford & Sons Ltd, the Irish arm of Ford’s empire has always seemed like a company apart - based in Cork, when others have homes in Dublin, and able to call upon the local heritage of the Ford family

John Manning has the unenviable task of trying to take Ford back to the top in Ireland

Volkswagen has kicked off the building of batteries at what will become its own ‘Gigafactory’ for electric vehicle (EV) power sources in the next five years

Most car makers now likely to miss their EU emissions limits this year

Kia and Hyundai have already stolen a lead over most Japanese and European rivals in the electric car stakes with long-range (450km on one charge) versions of the Kona, Soul, and Niro crossovers

New EV structure co-developed with Canoo

Supporters of Karpaty Lviv hold a Nazi flag at a soccer match against Dynamo Kiev in Kiev in 2007. Photograph: Reuters

Every white supremacist has African ancestry, and every Nazi has Jewish heritage

Ransomware - in which malicious software infects and shuts down an IT or OT system and can only be removed once a cash ransom has been paid - is growing in popularity as a form of attack against system

New report underlines need for back-up to protect against ransomware and malware attacks

The end of ‘Range Anxiety’ was supposed to have been here by now.. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Reuters

And should that really matter?

Ford Puma 1.0 125hp Ecoboost Hybrid Titanium

Ford has created, in the new Puma, arguably the most likeable crossover yet

The e-Golf now starts at a price of €27,895 after both the €5,000 VRT rebate and the €5,000 EV purchase grant from the SEAI are taken into account.

Cut price e-Golf is on the run out ahead of the arrival of new ID.3 - but is it better to wait?

Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 successor has a 700hp Cosworth-built V12 engine.

Are start-up carmakers doomed to become 21st-century Tuckers?

The Model X is not as polished a product as the smaller, cheaper Model 3, but it is fascinating, it is interesting, it is intriguing. And how often can you say all that about a modern car?

It reaches 100km/h in 4.6sec, but the gadget-laden Model X isn’t much of a driver’s car

The Dacia Logan is not, normally, a car with very much to recommend it. Still, it has one major thing going for it, and that’s practicality

The prime picks for budget-minded motorists looking for something wearing a 201-plate

Bridgestone has plans to  install a computer chip in its tyres that will communicate with a car’s on-board electronic safety systems, feeding them data about the condition and performance levels of the rubber

Glued-in chip can tell the car’s on-board systems what condition your tyres are in

Rally driver Chris Meeke gets early drive in GR Yaris hot hatch

IBM claims that it has developed a newbattery, with an entirely new chemistry, which does away with the need for rare substances such as lithium and cobalt

Batteries made from seawater and quantum computing could make better electric cars

Particulate emissions are the tiny fragments of soot that are an inevitable by-product of burning fuel in an engine, and diesel cars are an especially egregious source

Research by environmental group claims that even latest engine technology doesn’t stop troubling levels of harmful emissions

Aston Martin DBX: Performance is pretty impressive – 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 291km/h

British carmaker ‘not jumping on the bandwagon, we’re redefining it’

According to second-hand sales site Carzone, some 25 per cent of Irish buyers say  ‘fear of the unknown’ is holding them back from buying an electric car

AA calls on the Government to do more as diesel tops buyers’ 2020 wish lists

Mazda 3: the saloon certainly looks the part but its engine tech lets it down

Skyactiv-X engine is supposed to be the Holy Grail but it’s more of a sippy cup

Mixed Reality means that you still view the world through the windscreen, but the glass can also be used as a gigantic projection screen, with information on road hazards, traffic and local information flashing up in front of the driver’s eye.

Futurus and BMW link up to provide real-time hazard detection

Skoda reckons  new car sales will  rise to 120,000 in 2020. Photograph: Balint Porneczi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Emissions tax on imports should cause a small increase in sales, says Czech carmaker

Those with the tough job of driving all those new cars for The Irish Times, look back on their year behind the wheel

Frank Stephenson: ‘There has always been a trend to go safer and safer, and that’s not going to change.’

‘Natural world will not steer you wrong when it comes to great, and safe, designs’

BMW’s software update has turned its car’s parking cameras into dashcams. Photograph:  Angel Garcia/Bloomberg via Getty Images

German carmaker U-turns on much-criticised Apple CarPlay charges

Motoring in the right direction: the all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover has made people feel a lot more positive about the Ford brand. Photograph: Ringo Chiu/EPA

Reception for electric Mustang-badged crossover indicates firm’s plans may bear fruit

Go to Rally School Ireland in Monaghan to sample sideways action in classic Escorts, Subarus and even a Nissan 350Z police car.

Rally driving, personal breathalysers and petrol-head socks among top gifts

“The ideal solution is an immediate transition to petrol and diesel hybrids, with a further decade spent refining the technology, infrastructure and battery supply chain to allow the adoption of BEVs.”

Car makers and emissions analysts claim that mild hybrids are a better solution in reducing C02 emissions

Nasa’s AI expert Steve Chien says Captain Kirk can stand aside, as it will be robots that will boldly go where no man has gone

Skoda Superb’s 62km electric range means for anyone with a county-to-city commute,  you could conceivably get from Monday morning to Friday evening without a single millilitre of petrol being burned

Electric range of 62km makes this big cruiser potentially perfect for commuters

Land Rover Discovery is the current wading champ, but electric cars will get your further than most

There is something of a perception of BMW having to play catch-up as it opens its new battery competence centre, just a few kilometres down the road from its Munich headquarters. Even then, the very title – battery competence centre – will have the critics circling

Facility will give BMW’s engineers better insights into how to make better e-cars

Munich’s first all-electric four-door claims 600km range, 18-months before it goes on sale

Top-spec GT version will match the mighty 5.0 V8 for power

The new Ford will be priced to be  a Tesla Model 3 rival, arriving here  in 2021 at the earliest.

500km-plus electric Mach-E is Tesla rival and will make its full debut on Sunday

Ford GT40MK

Matt Damon, Christian Bale star but movie can’t match the true drama behind the story

‘Formula One is effectively reinventing itself through individual teams, whereby the racing on a Sunday is actually showcasing the technological ability that you can sell to companies Monday to Friday,’ says Mark Gallagher. Photograph: Max Earey

Selling tech worldwide could fund teams, says former Jordan F1 marketing boss

Electric vehicles sit parked at charging stations  in Oslo, Norway. File photograph:  Fredrik Bjerknes/Bloomberg via Getty Images

One of Norway’s leading electric car experts says Ireland must be strong and stable if it’s to go fully electric

Diesel still expected to be the big seller in the new Captur range

Volkswagen Golf 8: There’s no doubt that the Golf is still a hugely important car for Europe and for Ireland.

Mild-hybrid and plugin-hybrid power available across the new Golf 8 range

VW Gold: the eighth generation - we could either be peering at the endgame for the Golf, or its rebirth into a new electric future.

No all-electric version but plenty of spark in upgrade for well-connected hatchback

New Skoda Superb

Strong sales expected for four-door diesel saloon in world of SUVs and electric cars

The IEA’s report states the dramatic shift towards bigger and heavier cars has led to a doubling of the market share of SUVs over the last decade

German experts are calling for city-centre bans for 4x4s, while an IEA report says that they’re undoing efficiency gains

first battery model is a two-seat ‘ultra-compact BEV.’

Nameless tiny two-seater part of Toyota’s plan to maximise battery life

Those expecting this to be a panel-van version of Merc’s incoming 450km-ranged EQV MPV will be disappointed.

The truth is e-Vito will never leave you - until you need to charge it

From the sketch shown, it’s clear that the eighth Golf looks like… a Golf - hardly a surprise, and VW was never going to mess with a winning formula

First look: See Volkswagen's eighth generation Golf hatchback inside and out

The Budget 2020 tax on emissions of nitrogen oxide has the potential to be a game-changer for the Irish car trade, and for where and how we buy our cars.  Photograph: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

New tax on harmful emissions could change the balance of where we shop for our cars

The first 60mg/km of NOx emissions from new cars is to be charged at a rate of €5 per mg. Photograph: Andreas Rentz/Getty

Tax based on NOx emissions to replace diesel surcharge as carbon taxes inflate fuel prices

The Vehicle Certification Agency’s website is, rather obviously, the official one and it’s the one whose numbers are likely to be accepted here by those rubber stamping such things

Now that nitrogen oxides look like forming part of our car taxation system, which cars will hit your pocket the hardest? And which(...)

23 years on, a chance to drive an iconic A80 Supra back-to-back with the new model

Is going all-battery the right solution for today? File photograph: iStock

Adding batteries to your car is clearly part of the motoring future, but how many is the right number, right now?

There are few motoring-related anxiety attacks more acute than seeing the low charge light start flashing in an electric car when you’re still short of a charging point. Photograph: iStock

With bigger batteries than ever, have new electric cars wiped out the worry of finding a charging point?

The cars identified in the report are strong-selling models, accounting for more than 5,000 new car sales so far this year. Photograph: Getty

Models from Ford, Hyundai, Skoda, BMW, and VW would see reductions in VRT rates

Royal Dutch Shell’s first UK  hydrogen refuelling station. Hydrogen’s big advantage, as a fuel, is that it’s quick and easy to use by a driver. File photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Currently only two hydrogen-fuelled cars available and neither is sold in Ireland

You may be surprised to learn that we do, actually, already recycle old cars. Photograph: Oliver Bunic/Bloomberg via Getty Images

With plans for one-million EVs on roads in 10 years, what happens to the ones that get scrapped?

With ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft investing in autonomous vehicle technology, the obvious conclusion is that they’re seeking to take human drivers out of the equation. Photograph: iStock

The future of the brave new world of autonomous driving might not be that bright after all

The Toyota Daily Rental app operators hope to have some 500 cars available for rental by next March. Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

App users get lists of cars available to rent from nearby Toyota dealers

As late as 2007, it was still being built, new, in China and Nigeria.

Fifty years on this durable, unfussy model still feels right: an ultimate motoring detox

Hyundai’s 45 Concept car look so much like a modernised Austin Princess from the 1970s. Hyundai openly says — the car is inspired by the original 1974 Pony Coupe Concept

The biggest European motor show reveals a retro trend amongst car makers seeking some comfort in an age of great uncertainty

A futuristic concept car from Mercedes, on display at the Frankfurt auto show.

Digital experience will drive car sales and use in a decade, tech giant says

Chinese-built car, designed by a Corkman, goes on sale in Europe in 2021

The new Honda e: arriving in Ireland in 2021 with a range of 200km on  a single charge and a price tag we can guess will start close to €30,000 depending on grants

Honda’s electric city car is coming but will not land in Irish showrooms until 2021

Liverpool football club manager Juergen Klopp helps launch the new Opel Corsa-e

Audi's AI-Trail is an autonomous Mad Max creation for the Generation-i

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