The new Volkswagen Taigo is - in one sense - a coupe version of the small T-Cross crossover

New Taigo will sit alongside the T-Cross in the small crossover market

Luxury French brand here to take on Mercedes and Audi

You can now find second hand BMW i3s for under €20,000, but stretching the budget a little will get you a more recent model.

It’s not easy to pick a new car. Let us make it harder by throwing some money-saving ideas into the mix

 You are likely already burning biofuel in your car. All unleaded petrol on sale in Ireland conforms to the EU’s current E5 regulation. File photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images

Campaigners say vast areas of forest are being cut down, but defenders insist not all fuels are equal

The Arteon Shooting Brake is as practical as it is handsome. Photograph: Paddy McGrath

Spacious and fuel efficient with a huge boot, this family car offers far more than any SUV

A study by Transport and Environment think-tank shows on-road emissions from plug-in hybrids 'are on average 2-4 times higher than their official CO2 values'. File photograph: iStock

Car-makers ‘desperate to show off green credentials’ but are ‘miles away’ from target

Realistically, everyone is going to have to go more or less all-electric pretty soon if they want to keep selling cars.

Our century-and-a-bit affair with the petrol and diesel engine is coming to an end. It’s been a wild ride

A VW technician servicing a car at its Irish facility.

Highly-trained staff being poached by other industries as the world of mechanics changes

‘The EU car sector has aligned with the Paris Climate Accord and is on target to achieve net zero carbon by 2050’

Denis Murphy claims emissions reduction policy ‘failing’ because of focus on private cars

The UK government recently announced that it wants to introduce automated lane-keeping systems on to UK motorways

Aviation shows over-reliance on electronics can degrade skill of drivers and pilots alike

Audi Q4 40 e-Tron Advance

Audi’s take on the VW ID.4/Skoda Enyaq mechanical package looks and feels the part

Due to technological innovations, monitoring systems associated with ICU-level care can now be extended to out-patient systems by the HSE. Photograph: Getty Images

Martin Curley says executive on ‘cusp of something remarkable’ in digital health

The Mercedes EQA 250: solid but a little unspectacular

The EQA is Mercedes’ most affordable electric model, but it is still pretty pricey

BMW’s M5 CS is one of those all-too-rare cars that makes you wish you were 10 again, and could find some space on your bedroom wall for a poster of it

Potent V8 is a future classic – but at nearly €250,000 it would want to be

Skoda Enyaq iV, the Czech brand’s first all-electric model

New battery SUV puts one over its VW cousin

According to Sweep’s data, imports of used cars from the UK – which had peaked at 100,000 vehicles in 2018 – has been hit to the tune of a 39 per cent reduction. Photograph: iStock

Pandemic, Brexit and global chip shortage curtail new vehicle production

Style-wise, under the test-drive camouflage tape, the new Megane takes inspiration in its shape and silhouette from last year’s Megane Vision concept

New Megane goes SUV, new Astra gets Manta styling

The latest survey of Irish-driver attitudes by website Carzone found that 15 per cent of buyers are still holding back from buying an electric car because they worry there are not enough charging points. Photograph: iStock

Electric power is here, and growing, but it may not be the be-all and end-all

The Audi Ai:Con concept car

If Ford, Audi and others can create a rapid-development tiger and mix it with their existing production expertise, then Tesla shou(...)

Although prices and specifications are entirely negotiable, in general a Plus Four such as our test car is going to set you back about €100,000.

Most affordable Morgan is reassuringly old-fashioned up top but modern underneath

What is luxury in a car? It can mean different things to different people. Photograph: iStock

Luxury brands are popular but we also want more high-end features from ‘regular’ carmakers

Rimac is unleashing its first full production model, the all-electric Nevera

Nevera has the performance to rival a Bugatti Chiron but with no prickling of your eco-conscience

The new Dacia Sandero’s styling is more than a little reminiscent of the VW Polo.

New Sandero is more expensive but still engagingly affordable

The Audi mobile charging hub is designed to be mobile and transportable, and can be installed wherever it’s needed.

Moveable hub can charge six cars at once, at ultra-fast speeds

The RSA said that, so far, only booking dates for June 2021 have been released, and that dates for July and August would be released soon

Road Safety Authority says only June dates released so far, with July and August slots to follow

‘There definitely seems to be a big waiting time for electric cars now... but the charging infrastructure is getting better all the time.’ Photograph: iStock

Four owners tell us why they’ve swapped their fuel-burning cars for greener models

Is range anxiety still a concern for most people? Photograph: iStock

If anything, pandemic recovery seems to be accelerating EV sales

BMW’s new all-electric models arriving here in November: the iX SUV and i4 coupé

New iX SUV and i4 coupe arrive with more Munich battery power

The Aston Martin DBX: arguably the best of the current high-end SUV crop.

It’s an impressive beast, although the electric versions will prick our conscience rather less

Ford F-150: goes electric and could be a transformative car

This could be a transformative vehicle for one of the world’s most influential car makers

Online car sales may be way forward but there is pent-up demand from customers waiting to make appointments to physically visit the showrooms. File photograph: Getty

Covid-19 has pushed more car buyers into shopping online, but is it really the future?

The price of a litre of diesel could spike by as much as 50 cents by 2030, if EU plans to use international carbon markets to set pricing carry on

Study warns of price hikes if EU relies only on carbon markets to achieve emissions cuts

The newest Octavia RS arrives looking none-more-cop-spec

The RS iV version of the police-force favourite has refinement issues but is worthy of investigation

A logo outside an Citroën automobile showroom. Photographer: Bloomberg

Can the French brand find a road to success across the luxury and affordable markets?

Revenue says VRT payments are not retained but transferred to exchequer funds each night. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Some ‘exempt’ newly arrived owners required to pay vehicle registration tax, then wait for refund

An Amazon Prime van making a delivery on a street in central London, UK.

Amazon gets its first electric vans as Bollinger Motors shows off its futuristic Deliver-E

The Opel Vivaro-e is easy to drive, comfortable (even on long journeys), and has a usefully square, tall, loadbay (plus sliding doors on both sides, which helps). It’s also fast to charge when you need it to be.

With only a 200km range, can Opel’s new electric van cross the country with ease?

By the midpoint of 2022, at least some of the bottleneck in semiconductor supplies should have subsided. Photograph: Getty Images

Crisis in electronics supply not likely to end soon

The Kodiaq in Sportline trim is big, imposing, and impressive looking, with 20-inch alloy wheels, a mildly chunky bodykit, and some rather fetching grey paint work that does look slightly as if someone applied primer but no top coat

You get a huge amount of car for this much money. But is a more basic version a better buy?

Volkswagen’s Klaus Zellmer: ‘We have a trend in society where people, younger people especially, are less willing to commit to purchasing a car.’

Big plans ahead for permanent subscription models, but will people buy in?

While VW hasn’t announced Irish prices yet, based on German prices itwould probably pitch the car at €55,000-€60,000 in Ireland

Twin-motor set-up gives the GTX version 299hp of power

Only the top-spec M4 Competition model will come to Ireland, which means you get a 510hp power output and a 650Nm torque output that make the Titanic seem like a lakeside pleasure cruiser

Even the German sports car’s raging-bull looks cannot entirely disguise its dinosaur status

If – and it’s a big if – e-fuel production can be ramped up, using only renewable energy, then maybe there’s something in this. File photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty

Major carmakers investing in innovative tech, but do e-fuels come at too high an energy price?

At the recent Bahrain Grand Prix, AWS’s insights proved eerily prescient, predicting just when Red Bull’s Max Verstappen would be close enough to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton to start fighting for the lead of the race

Former Ferrari chief mechanic helping AWS bring added insights to Formula One fans

On longer journeys  you will appreciate  the Cupra Leon’s  high-quality cabin and    high-backed bucket seats

This reworked Leon from Seat’s hot-car brand is softer and gentler than you might expect

The survey found that Germany is the most expensive country in which to charge an electric vehicle.

Republic is well ahead of most European neighbours for electric car costs, survey finds

A Jordan Formula One car. “Jordan Grand Prix in 1999 was operating on a budget of $140m. That’s more money than many F1 teams run on today”

Former head of Jordan Grand Prix’s marketing and sponsorship deals says there is so much industry can learn from Formula One

Mike Childs, from Friends Of The Earth says that the problem is that you have to show that the reductions are genuine reductions, and not just things that would have happened anyway. Photo: Bloomberg

‘Offsetting is a cop-out’ says Polestar electric car boss

The A6 e-Tron is, for the moment, a concept car and will be shown for the first time at the Shanghai motor show later this month

Audi moves its electric tech to more affordable ranges, and will show a concept electric A6 in China

New electric S-Class - the EQS - is expected in showrooms for sales next year

The new Dacia Sandero has been given a mere two-stars for its safety performance in the latest round of tests by independent crash test experts at Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP rates the new Sandero’s safety performance as ‘out of step with the market’

Now we just have to hope that Audi’s new-found magic electric touch can spread to the more affordable models that will wear the e-Tron badg

The Tesla Model S feels leaden-footed compared with this incredible driving experience

The ID.4 has a taller front end than the ID.3.

The ID.3 actually ticks just about every box, but crossovers are still king for Irish drivers

The shortage of semiconductor chips is not just down to one big issue, but rather an unfortunate coincidence of several. Photograph: Getty Images

Car firms say global shortage concerns whole motor industry ‘and affects all our production sites’

Since 1997, Jeep has sold more than two million Cherokee-badged cars in the US market, and so will be doubtless reluctant to change one of its most recognisable nameplates. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Cherokee Nation says it objects to Jeep using its name for cars

Volkswagen’s new Tiguan.

Yes, it’s an impressive diesel SUV, but the clock is ticking…

Would it be too much of a pun to say sic transit, gloria Mondeo?

The once ubiquitous family saloon will be no more

A PM Group construction site. Irish-developed augmented reality tech can speed up construction projects, and cut costs.

HoloSite system, developed by XYZ Reality, in use on Danish data centre

Alpine A110 Légende: This near-perfect sports car   gives us hope of a  more enjoyable electric future

Renault’s sporting brand will morph from this petrol two-seater into a full-battery lineup

An ever-increasing number of cars, including many mainstream models, now come with a built-in SIM card that allows ‘always-on’ internet access.

Pairing your phone with your vehicle can inadvertently give your information to third parties

In styling terms, the new 308 gets the new Peugeot ‘face’ with a vast, concave grille, narrow lights, and the slashing, ‘fang’-style LED daytime running lights at the side.

New 308 gets plugin-hybrid options, but no all-electric model as yet

Toyota has shown off a concept version of a new Aygo, in which the tiny city car seems to have morphed into a chunky, more stylish, crossover

Aygo X Prologue concept previews Toyota’s next (last?) small petrol model

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says when getting a car service to make sure you get a “quote” and not just an “estimate”, which is simply a guess at the cost of the work

Servicing fees are high – up to €125 an hour – but so are the skills needed to keep cars safe

Dubbed the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD, this original two-door coupe gets some decidedly modern fixtures and fittings

Classic 1970 coupe gets electric power and digital cabin

If you assume that all of these batteries will be used in 58kWh packs that would be enough capacity for 4.1 million car. Photo: AP Photo/Jens Meyer

German giant to build six battery factories and invest €400m in rapid-charging points in Europe

Norman Crowley’s Electrifi Ireland business previously converted a 1980s Ferrari 308 GTS to battery power.

Entrepreneur Norman Crowley aims to bring car manufacturing back to Ireland

A spokesperson for Mitsubishi Ireland said: “They’re not talking about right-hand drive markets for the moment, so as far as we’re concerned there’s no change.”

Renault-based Mitsubishis on sale from 2023, but not yet planned for Ireland

The Q4 e-Tron’s new display projects higher up the windscreen, and appears to be Soccer Saturday-friendly 70-inches across.

New Q4 e-Tron electric SUV gets giant heads-up display

“Trinity is going to be a time machine,” said VW brand boss Dr Ralf Brandstatter. VW’s ID.3 and ID.4 pictured at the company’s Wolfsburg facility. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Car giant is planning over-the-air software updates for its ID cars every 12 weeks

The assembly line that produces both the electric vehicle Renault Zoe and the hybrid vehicle Nissan Micra at Flins-sur-Seine, the largest Renault production site in France.  Photograph:  Martin Bureay/AFP/Getty

If you can't rack up the miles, then you might be better off with a traditional gas guzzler

Power comes from either a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine with 255hp or a turbo 3.0-litre inline-six with 335hp.

Cork-based Edgewood Automotive takes on franchise for classically-styled roadster

The new C40 EV forms a cornerstone of Volvo’s plans to become a fully-electric brand by 2030, as the company says that ‘climate change is the ultimate safety test.’

Volvo Ireland says online sales plans will not affect the size of the dealer network

A Sierra-derived Capril

Secret Fords: Volume One, Steve Saxty’s new book, sheds light on Ford’s secret 1980s projects

Mercedes has also developed, with Bosch, a remote parking system that  will in theory allow a C-Class to drop you at your destination and then head off by itself to find a parking space

Merc’s mid-size saloon revived to take on the BMW 3 Series

Images of the new C-Class have leaked online ahead of official launch this week

Tesla Model 3 Long Range: some quality concerns remain, but this is right at the sharp end of electric motoring

Some gripes remain, but the Model 3 is a strong EV all-rounder that is well ahead of it rivals

The ‘rule of origin’ provision in the new post-Brexit deal means that if 60 per cent of a car’s value originates in the UK, you can import it without paying the customs duty. Photograph: Getty Images

Tax changes triggered by Brexit have increased the cost of imports that dealers rely on

First drive: New Mokka-e shows the German brand is now pointing in the right direction

The new DS 4 car: the latest French assault on the German-dominated Matterhorn known as the premium car game

Can Citroën’s posh brand gamble finally pay off?

Audi’s e-Tron GT looks   like a cross between an A7 and a TT coupe

German giant’s new electric super-saloon arrives in April – and it’s gorgeous

Daimler-Benz itself would rebrand as Mercedes-Benz, bringing an end to more than 100 years of the Daimler corporate name. Photograph: Michaela Handrek-Rehle/Bloomberg

Proposal would create two separate companies, Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz cars

The recharging network in rural Ireland is still relatively patchy, even with the handful of super-fast charging stations like those of Tesla.

The island is almost perfect for EVs. But more drivers outside Dublin need to switch

Peter Brock: “The Corvette Stingray is already an accepted icon in the world of automotive motor design but we want to take all the best aspects of that design and make it crisper.”

Entrepreneur Norman Crowley brings car design greats together to create new electric vehicles built here

Tesla has flipped the screen to a horizontal view, but it’s the cut steering wheel that will be the talking point.

New luxury electric saloon offers more power but less steering wheel

With this SUV's big-six diesel engine, the old oil-burning technology is going out on a high

Mercedes-EQ, EQA 250, Edition 1

Star brand takes risk with all-electric model that shares so much with a petrol equivalent

  Some 70 per cent of people are keen on the idea of buying a hybrid or electric car, according to a recent survey. Photograph: iStock

Confused about electric vehicles? Here’s how to tell your EV from your PHEV and MHEV

StoreDot claims it can now produce batteries that can be charged in as little as five minutes. Photograph: iStock

Israeli manufacturer says battery will end range anxiety. Is this the big breakthrough?

Toyota’s new GR010 will be blooded for the first time at the legendary Sebring race track in Florida, for the 1,000km race there on March 19th. Photograph:

The GR010 Hybrid will take part in the endurance race in June, coronavirus allowing

Audi’s electric Formula E racer Lucas Di Grassi on the e-Tron GT: “For me, is the best all around car I’ve ever driven”

All the while, Tesla is catching up…

Designer Nir Kahn at work.

Israeli firm Plasan is working to make lighter vehicles more cost effective

Designer Nir Kahn at work.

Manufacturer Plasan is working to make lighter vehicles more cost effective

Click and deliver rules mean click and drive right from your home, and it’s the way of the future. Photograph: iStock

New-car sales are set to rise. Here’s how to make the most of your purchase

The Beast: the presidential limousine. Photograph: Doug Mills/New York Times

Cheaper than a Bugatti Chiron, it’s a bargain compared with past White House limousines

New owner will get a fully prepped and turn-key racing operation

Mitsubishi will, in 2021, wind up its Irish operations, just as it will in the rest of Europe and the UK. Photograph: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP

Japanese car brand departs Irish market in 2021, but will owners be tempted by return of MG?

A mask-wearing car sales person  showing cars to  customers during these Covid times. Photograph:  Getty Images

‘The real big change is the move towards electrification and sustainability’

Audi e-Tron Sportback 55 quattro: a seriously impressive and stylish SUV

Take note BMW and Mercedes – Audi has set the bar when it comes to chop-top styling

BMW 530e M-Sport:  incisive and entertaining to drive

Whether plugin-hybrids are good, bad, or indifferent, the updated 5 Series is a class act

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