The new GLB will sit in the Mercedes range between the existing (and just-facelifted) GLC SUV and the upcoming new GLA compact crossover

A-Class-based SUV meant to evoke the image of the rugged G-Wagen off-roader

Mercedes-Benz CLA: new model features a stunning design and is a dream to drive

Smart-looking four-door coupe might have to fight for attention with new A-Class saloon

BMW i8 plug in hybrid: Damian Dolan from Hi Line Energy gets a closer look at a  at the SEAI Energy Show. Photograph: Alan Betson

With increasing interest in electric vehicles, which ones are worthy of the attention?

Electric cars are coming but are we ready?

Sales of electric cars in Ireland are growing, but are they growing fast enough?

Millennials’ lack of car buying has simply been down to them not having enough access to ready cash.

Reports of millennials’ motoring disinterest is likely down to a simple lack of funds

The rush for imports, driven in large part by the Brexit-affected value of Sterling relative to the euro, has been blamed for the 10 per cent fall in new car sales so far this year (on top of lower sales figures for 2018 and 2017 as well)

Flood of imported UK cars is depressing the Irish used car market

The Taycan is expected to have exceptional performance, with the top-spec model (likely to be badged, confusingly, as Taycan Turbo) boasting a 500km driving range and more than 600hp power output, with 0-100km/h acceleration of just 3.5secs for the top-spec ‘Turbo’ model

Car giant is already ramping up production for the Taycan due to hit markets this autumn

Layering on extra electronic driver aids doesn’t necessarily improve safety. Photograph:  Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Analysis: 2022 introduction of mandatory speed limiters may have unintended consequences

The Seat Tarraco:  it  suffers from that same hesitancy that we’ve seen  in other VW Group vehicles

Its combo of comfort, space and just a modicum of style lift it a hair above its internal competition from VW and Skoda

Although overall numbers are still relatively low, electric car sales have grown by 539%  so far this year, while plug-in hybrid sales are up 166%.  Photograph: Getty Images

First private 50kW fast charger opens in Monaghan

Top down in -20 degrees is probably not the life that many people envisage when they buy a sports car

Japanese carmaker’s lastest offering proves that sports cars and bad weather can mix

Interior shot of a self-driving Lexus car.

Ford and the PSA Group are the latest to back away from fully robotic vehicles

The price of the Mazda 3 has yet to be released but it could be about €25,000-€26,000

New Mazda 3 certainly looks the part, but is it as good to drive as it is on the eyes?

An electric car recharging ahead of the Geneva International Motor Show on Monday. Some European carmakers are said to be delaying electric car launches until the next round of European emissions legislation is introduced. Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg

Carmakers accused of throttling electric car sales as they wait for new legislation

Fiat's Centoventi concept. It’s a 120th birthday present to itself (Centoventi…) and is, in is simplest form, a concept version of the next-generation Panda

2019 event heralds greener models, but high levels of uncertainty threaten progress

Fiat’s Centoventi is its 120th anniversary revival of the Panda, this time as an electric car

Swedes mental metal contrasts with more earth-bound Mazda CX-30 crossover

Gorgeous new 208 hatch and high-performance 508 plugin hybrid star on Peugeot’s Geneva show stand

Kia’s Geneva stand is all-electric, while the Honda e-Prototype retains its cuddly concept styling

Bugatti’s ‘La Voiture Noire’ is most expensive car ever, but will the mysterious Piech concept eventually out-do them all?

Q4 e-Tron concept the star of Audi’s stand while Nissan’s IMq is a Qashqai preview

Seat’s  El-Born “concept” is  a compact halfway house between a hatchback and a crossover, and is said to be about 95 per cent production ready

Czech and Spanish electric concepts are largely ready for road

Nissan’s IMQ concept crossover: Is this the face of the next generation Qashqai?

Electric cars to the fore, but robot driving takes a back seat

Electric confidence at Swiss show, but what lies beneath?

The view from Liberty Hall of  traffic crossing the Liffey from Tara Street, in Dublin. File photograph: Getty Images

A Maine city has seen hundreds of hours saved for drivers thanks to an innovative system

A car dealership in Tianjin, China. Global demand for cars is starting to stall, according to Deloitte, with  recent forecasts showing annual growth limited to between 1.5 and 2.5 per cent. File photograph: Yilei Sun/Reuters

Industry worried about falling Chinese sales, along with Brexit and tariff threat

Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) uses vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technology to allow the car to ‘talk’ to the traffic lights near it, and get data from them as to how long it will be before they switch from green to red or vice-versa

‘GLOSA’ technology predicts the speed you need to drive at to get the next green light

Striking: The BMW 8 Series is a seriously good-looking coupe

The huge BMW is supercomfortable, but Porsche’s 911 is still the performance benchmark

  Toyota Ireland CEO Steve Tormey: “You don’t need to go full electric just yet. We can meet our 2021 emissions figures, that 95g/km average, easily with hybrid power.”

Hybrid power is taking off, in sales terms, but is it about to be swamped by battery power?

The four-door Corolla saloon will be the best-selling version of Toyota’s new line-up in Ireland

The estate is quieter, more conservative, less threatening. Traditional Corolla buyers will love it, and that’s probably the point

No rocking but rolling in Ford’s bed.

No more hogging the space as technology makes ‘lane-keeping’ easier

510hp Stelvio Quadrifoglio is the most pointless, but also the most fun, SUV we’ve driven

The world’s major car makers are ramping up production of electric vehicles. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Car makers are investing billions, but Deloitte says that the market’s not ready for mass electrification

Seat's new Tarraco joins the battle of the seven-seat SUVs

VW-owned brand feeds the current craze for seven-seat SUVs while prices rise by €800 for Toyota’s hybrid

The Audi Q3 is not perfect, but it’s alright

We’ve (grudgingly) accepted that pricey crossovers are a thing, but Audi’s Q3 is good

The growth in cars available with hands-free “keyless” locking and ignition systems is dramatically increasing our vulnerability to car theft. Photograph: Getty Images

Germany’s ADAC finds most hands-free ignition systems vulnerable to having wireless signals intercepted

Insurance for older motorists: In one case, the difference between the cheapest and the dearest premium quoted was over €800

Gap between best and worst renewal quotes for the over 70s as much as €800

Drivers of cars powered only by batteries were to be given a 50 per cent discount on tolls, while those buying a plugin hybrid electric vehicle   would get 25 per cent off. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Full rate being charged at tolls despite scheme to incentivise use of electric cars

The Vitara gets the fundamentals right. It’s compact, but usefully practical. It’s designed to be light, nimble, and easy around town, but equally adept at dealing with demands of a more rural nature

The updated diesel-free Vitara is solid, competent, decent – but it’s not the Jimny

Renault Clio: The Clio is an icon, and the latest features the very best of the previous generations.  Photograph: Renault

Renault’s big-selling small car will get a full debut at the Geneva motor show in March

The new RAV4 is  an intriguing proposition. A car that combines surprising levels of ruggedness, with forward-looking hybrid tech, and big-saloon-style refinement and comfort on a motorway run.

First drive: The new crossover might be all-hybrid, but it’s surprisingly rugged if you go for the AWD version

Insurance is really the deciding factor when it comes to any first car choice. If you’re under 30, you’re going to get hammered for that first-year premium. Photograph: Getty Images/Ikon Images

Insurance and running costs are more the deciding factors than personal taste

Buying private always comes with greater risks, from checking the vehicle’s mechanical situation to whether the seller is actually the rightful owner.

How prevalent is the problem of outstanding finance and what you can do to protect yourself?

The Ariel Nomad relies on rear-wheel drive, chunky tyres, and low weight to keep itself mobile when the going gets slippery or sandy

Test drive: Ariel’s scaffold-on-wheels off-roader is possibly 2019’s perfect ‘car’

“If a consumer purchases a car with outstanding finance on it, the car could be repossessed by the lender, even if the consumer has already paid the previous owner for it,” says a v spokesman.

Study shows one in six used cars for sale carried outstanding debt

The legs can walk with a mammalian or reptilian gait, depending on what’s right for the terrain, and can fold up into the body, leaving the wheels touching the ground so that the Elevate can be driven like a normal car. It can climb a 1.5-metre wall or across a 1.5-metre gap

‘Elevate’ concept is a walking car for especially tricky terrain or rescues

Mitsubishi’s updated plug-in SUV continues to impress with improved engine and price cut

The group, part of the UL Bernal Project, hopes to create batteries that charge up more quickly and hold onto that charge for longer, allowing electric vehicle drivers of to break free from current worries over ‘range anxiety’

Grant of €8m for Bernal Institute’s battery tech plans to tackle range anxiety and reduce the use of valuable cobalt in electric v(...)

Anti-Brexit protests at the Houses of Parliament in London: The Society of the Irish Motor Industry is calling on the Government to step up its preparations for a potential no-deal Brexit

Motor trade group SIMI says it’s a question of survival if the UK tumbles out

The first electric flight across the English Channel took place three years ago, in an Airbus E-Fan prototype aircraft.

Bombardier says it could take 40 years for aviation to catch up with current technology

The Irish Times top car for 2019: Jaguar’s I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace comes out on top in what is set to be a banner year for plug-in cars

Electric vehicle sales have increased by 98 per cent so far this year.

A sneak preview of the best in electric, hybrid and diesel motors coming to a forecourt near you

Sadly, the e-Niro is pretty ordinary to drive. It’s a pity Kia couldn’t engineer some of the  new Ceed into the e-Niro’s steering and suspension

First drive: As with the growing number of electric cars on offer, what’s really holding Kia’s e-Niro electric car back is the cha(...)

New Skoda Scala is actually a replacement for the somewhat unloved (and very cheaply-made) Rapid, but will be a deal more sophisticated than that car

New hatchbaxck replaces the unloved Rapid, but will push to be a bigger rival to the big-selling Ford

“Producing cars in a Co2-neutral manner is only half the battle. Cars must be used in a Co2-neutral manner as well” said Herbert Diess, VW’s chief executive.

VW pledges that its last internal combustion engine will be launched in 2026, as VW Ireland announces a BIK-special electric Golf

Toyota Ireland has confirmed that its Yars GR Sport will cost from €23,750, and you can order one now for 191 delivery

GR Sport model arrives alongside Y20 edition celebrating 20 years of Toyota’s Yaris

Audi has used the Los Angeles motor show to reveal its much-teased electric four-door coupe, the e-Tron GT

Sleek four-door coupe based on the upcoming Porsche Taycan is set for 2020 production

On the surface, the influence of the Range Rover Velar is clear - the headlights and tail-lights are almost a direct lift from Land Rover’s mid-size luxury SUV, and so too are the pop-out door handles

Styling changes are very subtle for new small Range Rover and mild hybrid version is coming

The Lexus RX450h-L: the combo of big, smooth V6 and the extra torque from the hybrid electric motor means your journey will likely be effortless

RX450h-L Hybrid gets extra seats in the boot, but they’re pretty small

The potential amount to be earned from providing in-car data services, entertainment, and advertising could be as high as $750 billion  by 2030. Photograph: Getty Images/Ikon Images

Cars are generating more data about us and our movements every day, but how will that affect us?

The final selection was played by three renowned musicians from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra: They are Adrienne Rönmark, violin; Eric Nowlin, principal viola; and Joseph Becker, principal percussion

Lincoln badge has suffered in sales and image terms, but Ford reckons it can still sing when needed

Some 300 lamp posts and low-lying bollard have been turned  into EV charging points in London

Some 300 lamp post charging points are already in London, but sadly no Irish plans yet

The debate over the future of diesel power kicked up a gear this week as campaigners and car makers butted heads, and disagreed over figures

War of words erupts as the European Diesel Summit calls for more clean-air action

Hybrid imports are up by 193 per cent this year. Photograph:   Steven Miric/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)

Hybrid prices spiking in the UK second-hand market, in spite of tax changes

Ralf Brandstätter, chief operating officer of Volkswagen was joined on stage by supermodel and actress Cara Delevigne. It is her 41-million Instagram followers that VW found much more tempting than the traditional surrounds of a motor show

VW introduces its new T-Cross - due in Ireland next year - with the help of Cara Delevigne and her 41 millino Instagram followers

It  would be so easy to dismiss the Audi A6 based solely on its styling, but spend a bit more time with it and the subtleties emerge

It’s not exactly brimming with personality, but neither was snooker legend Steve Davis

According to a study published in the renowned scientific journal Nature, dealer sales staff seem at best unsure, and at worst positively hostile, towards electric power

New study suggests car sellers are actively steering buyers away from electric vehicles

Tetsuya Tada: “What’s changed at Toyota is what is seen as successful inside the company. It used to be about revenue and margin, but now people are starting to see what value each car brings to its customer.”

Akio Toyoda and Tetsuya Tada are changing the face of the most successful car-maker in the world

There has been little recent investment in public chargers.

We all want to make the right vehicle choices, both for financial and environmental reasons. So what’s an eco-conscious fleet mana(...)

Most recently, Volvo launched the new XC40 with a “pop-up” shop on Dublin’s busy Grafton Street .

Will the current ‘plate-glass’ model be superseded by shopping centre outlets?

“Fully automated vehicles that can own the driving task from A to B, with no need for driver involvement whatsoever, won’t be available for many years to come,” said Matthew Avery of Thatcham research.  “Until then, drivers remain criminally liable for the safe use of their cars.” Photograph: Concept 26

Volvo says you can sleep behind the wheel by 2021, but ‘ autonomous’ systems are not flawless

The Jaguar i-Pace is fast, fun, sure-footed, and intriguing to look at

First all-electric Jaguar is more impressive than its US rival, but small concerns remain

VW’s UK sales were down by 55%   in September, and by 62%  in the same period in Germany

Volkswagen has 33% fall in Irish sales, compared to total market fall of 17%

Porsche’s new 911 Speedster has a tradition that stretches right the way back to the original 356 Speedster of the 1950s

911 Speedster is the last of the current model, while Audi’s LMS race car closely previews the next-gen R8

Two new concept cars previewed ahead of 2019 celebrations

Peugeot’s stunning concept car, the e-Legend coupe

Several delights to be found on the show floor despite some big name no-shows

The new Mercedes B-Class: smart but still relatively boxy

New B-Class once again lacks a seven-seat option, while Renault takes another stab at luxury motoring with the EZ-Ultimo

The package of proposals being put before the parliament also includes major reductions in the allowable Co2 emissions from vehicles

Car makers could be compelled to ensure that 40 per cent of their range is electric

Kodiaq RS for now, Vision RS concept for later

Included on the safety roster are collision and pedestrian warning with braking function as standard. Photograph: Fabian Kirchbauer

Sharp new styling and cabin, but carry-over engines for marque’s most important saloon

K-ZE will be introduced in China first before coming to Europe

Rally School Ireland  founder David Smyth: “We want to create a practical learning environment, not just have us talking to you endlessly, but to have you doing it, seeing it, being part of it.”

A driving school in Monaghan imparts high-level skills to preserve life on Irish roads

BMW is adding a bigger battery to its i3 electric car, which can stretch its one-charge range to real-world driving range of 260km

Bigger battery for BMW’s lightweight electric car promises a real-world range of 260km

The new Toyota Camry is roomy, comfy, reliable, and rugged. It hits Irish showrooms in March next year

New hybrid Camry arrives next year and will likely impress both consumers and the Garda

One quick glance tells you that the styling of this concept, which will form the centrepiece of of Peugeot’s presence at the upcoming Paris motor show, is heavily influenced by Peugeot’s own 1960s superstar, the 504 Coupe

e-Legend is Peugeot’s gorgeous Paris show concept car, bridging the gap between the past coupe and the new 508 GT

Ferrari plans to launch 15 new models between now and 2022, and the SUV - currently known as the ‘Purosangue’ or Pure Blood - is one of them

‘Purosangue’ model will be Maranello’s first true 4x4, arriving in showrooms within three years

After 22 long years Toyota’s iconic Supra has returned and has been billed as the “Porsche Killer”

New six-cylinder sports car shares much with BMW but forges its own path

Audi unveils its first production all-electric vehicle, the e-Tron SUV, which will go  on sale early in 2019.

Secret to success of e-Tron Quattro could be hiding new tech under conventional looks

The Mini just zips along, with a sweet personality and an appetite for fun

Not everyone will care for new Union Jack brake lights, but revised Mini is a true gem

The EU Parliament’s environment committee has approved a proposal to enforce targets that would see, by 2025, car makers compelled to have 20 per cent of sales made up of full-electric vehicles

EU parliament’s environment committee says 40 per cent of car sales should be electric by 2040

FAW could, eventually, become a very serious rival for Rolls-Royce

Chairman Mao’s own car company wants to compete on the global luxury stage

“The Fiesta ST gets better the quicker you go and the harder the questions you ask of it.”

Road test: Fiesta ST still the sweetest small hot hatch but by slimmer margin

Saturday is WLTP Emissions Day: What does it mean for Irish motorists?

Thomas Schemera, head of high performance at Hyundai: “I wanted to go to Hyundai to build a very emotional brand from scratch.”

Thomas Schemera left BMW for Hyundai’s N-brand, but has ambitions far greater than merely making fast cars

Kalashnikov’s electric car, the CV-1. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Infamous weapons maker shows off concept of high-performance battery-powered car

Electric propulsion is the way of the future for cars and for motoring in general.

Electric cars are coming. But are they right for you, yet?

First Edition’ Z4 shown to prospective buyers at blue-chip classic car event

Opel’s  GT X Experimental takes that uncluttered look (Opel calls is ‘Visual Detox’), and turns it into an SUV

Show car gets electric powertrain and LED ‘Blitz’ badge

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Road test: Conventional-looking Ford takes on Toyota’s distinctive Prius

Sporty one-tonne hauler arrives on Irish forecourts next March, continuing the rise of the pickup format outside the farms

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