Sliced chicken or pork with half a boiled egg is my favourite variation

Pineapple salsa: perfect for barbecues

This zesty salsa is sure to be the star of the buffet table at any summer barbecue

Pineapple salsa

Mix slightly underripe apricots with ripe nectarines for this delicious dessert

Stone fruit tart

Kate and Denis Dempsey of Kinsale Mead. Kate says that if you ask seven mead makers a question you are guaranteed to get 10 different answers as everyone draws from their own  experience

Game of Thrones and Vikings has been a boon for meaderies, including Kinsale Mead in Cork

Crispy Parmesan cauliflower

In summer, a blanket of cheese sauce can become too heavy. Here’s a workaround

Serve it on a bowl of rice topped with a fried egg and toasted sesame seeds

Nettles taste quite like spinach and can be used in a similar way

Weed it and reap with this fresh green risotto full of goodness

Weed it and reap with this fresh green risotto

Halloumi has a high melting point, making it perfect for frying or grilling, Try it with honey and za'atar salad

Only four ingredients – cowboy beans with roast chicken

Lilly Higgins: When her son discovered cowboy films, this tray bake proved a winner

Lilly Higgins: Roast aubergines can be used as a base for plenty of delicious toppings

Wild garlic is in season – and in abundance – and adds flavour to so many things

Lamb keema

Spring to it: this simple delight makes great use of the classic combo of lamb and mint

Lamb keema

A quick and easy lamb curry for when you’re really in a hurry

Passion fruit and orange curd cake

Lilly Higgins: This passion fruit bake is easy to do and a great way to use up egg yolks

Sausage and kale pasta makes for the perfect tasty meal.

This really is the perfect pasta dish, and it’ll be ready in less than 15 minutes.

Cabbage rolls with dillisk dipping sauce

This is Irish-Polish-Chinese fusion food – a reflection of Ireland today

Here’s a twist on the traditional cinnamon roll, drizzled with a custard glaze

With all the possible pancake permutations, why leave it to just one Tuesday in March?

Pho is a real comfort food that has to be slurped from a big bowl

Chicken pho (pho ga)
Chicken pho (pho ga)

Serves 4

Chocolate red wine cake with strawberries

Lilly Higgins: Strawberries macerated in Pinot noir complement this no-stress dessert

Beef stroganoff  has plenty of butter and cream but it’s a once-off celebratory dish that everyone loves

Lilly Higgins: A good quality home-cooked meal is the only to celebrate Valentine’s day

This is a great cake for kids to help bake; there is plenty of peeling and grating involved as well as mixing.

Lilly Higgins: There’s so much to like about this cake that’s packed full of goodness

Pink peppercorn baked feta

This classic baked cheese, nuts and beetroot combination will ease you into spring

Crying Tiger Salad

Lilly Higgins: Be brave and generous with herbs in this fresh Thai salad

Dak Dak salad

Kick off a healthy new year with this tasty Middle Eastern chopped veg salad

Carrot and star anise soup is very economical to make

Lilly Higgins: I’ve vowed to make loads of soups this year – it’s the perfect way to get nutrients into kids

The absolutely delightful thing about natural wines is that they are great with food. Photograph: iStock

Delicious, brimming with life and perfect with food, once you taste a really good natural wine, there is no going back

Homemade labneh with smoked trout and pickled shallots

Smoked trout tastes great with this labneh, a Middle Eastern yogurt

Lilly Higgins’s recipe for labneh – a Middle Eastern strained yogurt

Having good vegetable-based side dishes can offer respite from all the butteriness

Greens for the festive season.
Festive greens

Dundee cake

This Scottish favourite Dundee Cake brings a warm glow of nostalgia to Christmas baking

Dundee cake
Dundee cake

Makes one large 10-inch cake

Easy baked salmon with tapenade

Approaching Christmas, here’s a quick, easy, healthy dish the whole family will eat

Nothing warms you up like a bowl of French onion soup topped with bread and cheese

French onion soup
French onion soup

Serves 4

Sausage and bean casserole

A tasty, filling and cost-effective meal to help you save for the Christmas splurge

Turnip gratin: Serves 6

Anything that can be made into a gratin is welcome at this time of year

Dirty rice, with pork mince and chicken livers
Dirty rice

Cajun or creole inspired dirty rice. Photograph: Lilly Higgins

A quick and easy rice meal with cajun and creole inspiration

Coffee date cake – perfect with a cup of tea

Eaten at breakfast, or after dinner, this is a cake for any time of day

Squash pasta

While trawling through vegan recipes, I came across this gem of a squash recipe

Squash pasta
Squash pasta

‘Pork burgers can be very versatiles.’

This recipe allows you to take advantage of the delicious combination of pork and apples

Rhubarb bread and butter pudding

Let’s combine two favourites: rhubarb and custard, and bread and butter pudding

These crushed sweet potato rounds got the garlic butter treatment, complete with salty parmesan crust.

Lilly Higgins: I've been making vegetables more of a main dish – and the kids love it

Hamine eggs with hummus

Lilly Higgins: This traditional breakfast makes a great meal at any time of the day

Hamine eggs with hummus
Hamine eggs with hummus

Serves 4

Hake goujons with avocado dip

Lilly Higgins: Hake is fantastic and a sustainable meaty white fish that’s easy to cook

Roasted mushroom and fennel soup

Roasting the mushrooms and fennel helps to make the soup smooth, velvety and delicious

Roasted mushroom and fennel soup

Serves 6-8

Lily Higgins: “This time of year I always resort to warmer salads for dinner as the weather begins to change.”

‘Cherry tomatoes and bulbs of garlic can all be roasted, then drizzled with olive oil’

Rosie’s Granola

A light yet satisfying granola – serve with creamy Irish yogurt for a really gorgeous breakfast, in seconds

Lily Higgins: Serve with creamy Irish yogurt for a really gorgeous breakfast, in seconds

Paella is cheap, nutritious and versatile

The perfect paella is a budget-friendly supper for a crowd of hungry students

The perfect paella is a budget-friendly supper for a crowd of hungry students

Pico de gallo chicken

Salsa fresca is perfect with tacos, Tex-Mex and barbecued chicken or steak

It’s worth shelling out on the finest flatbreads and the best cheese for this dish

This salsa is perfect to serve with a big bowl of tortilla chips and will keep for up to three days in the fridge.

This dish is bursting with flavour and is a delicious starter or snack with tortilla chips

Lilly Higgins’s strawberry shortcakes: like scones, they’re perfect with jam and cream

Lilly Higgins: These strawberry shortcakes – half cake, half scone – are filled with jam and whipped cream

Tequila and lime chicken with jalapeño yogurt

Recipe: Tequila and lime chicken with jalapeno yogurt is a winner with all the family

Lilly Higgins' cucumber sorbet

Lilly Higgins: A light ice-cream alternative to savour this summer

“Soon, I believe we will try to source natural wines the same way we value free-range organic chicken.” Photograph: iStock

We’re concerned about how food is produced so why not try wine made the way it was 8,000 years ago?

Gazpacho shots: pure summer

Lilly Higgins: Serve these chilled at a barbecue – or add vodka for Bloody Mary shots

Summer noodle salad.

This is the perfect dish to bring to a barbecue or get-together over the summer

Lilly Higgins: Lamb Skewers with Tzatziki Salad

Herby new-potato salad: I’ve added pink pickled onions to finish this dish. Once you’ve made a big jar of these addictive slices you’ll realise they taste amazing with everything

Lilly Higgins: The new crop are here, and they’re delicious. So seize the moment

Chickpea and chorizo bowls

These bowls are perfect for sunny days when you don’t want to be stuck indoors

Smörgåstårta: the topping used to decorate the cake indicates the filling

Lilly Higgins: This savoury cake layers bread with meat or seafood

Lilly Higgins’s yasai katsu curry

Yasai katsu curry: a flavourful, nutrient-rich vegetarian dish

Lilly Higgins’s chai rice pudding with orange-blossom roast rhubarb: as reassuringly familiar as it is exotic

This is a beautiful dessert that is as reassuring familiar as it is exotic

Divine: Lilly Higgins’s roast radish, feta and herb salad

Lilly Higgins: I’ve finally come around to roasting radishes. They are divine

Wild garlic and mushroom steak sandwiches

This is a sandwich worth foraging for

Lilly Higgins: ‘It’s great fun and educational too, making dinner time more exciting’

Hoisin chicken

Hot dogs with homemade mustard and squash fries make for a lip-smacking supper

Chicken and mushroom casserole with celeriac mash

Lilly Higgins: I love texture in a dish so mashes play a perfect role

This sauce is gorgeous on pizza instead of the regular tomato sauce and ideal to have on the table at a barbecue

Romesco is particularly good drizzled over barbecued spring onions or young leeks

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