This creamy mushroom vol-au-vent doesn’t involve mixing a heavy flour-based roux but instead relies on creme fraiche.

Lilly Higgins: these light pastry bites became a little dated but I loved the idea of turning them into individual mushroom pies

Mushroom vol-au-vents.
Mushroom vol-au-vents

Pasta with chard, hazelnuts and garlic

For kids, garlic butter is like an invisibility cloak for dark leafy greens

Fast family feasts: The novelty value of having a little dish to yourself never fades

Chicken katsu curry

Tangy, sweet, smooth curry sauce served with breaded chicken and using apple

Chicken katsu curry
Chicken katsu curry

Butternut tostada with fried eggs and sage

This is one of those dishes perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner

Puy lentil salad with buttered chicken

This salad is delicious in so many ways, and lentils have never tasted so good

Roast vegetable deep-dish pizza

A fusion of the classic pizza from Napoli with American pizza, heavy on the cheese

Quick mushroom stew with Parmesan polenta

As much as I love a beef stew, the lightness in this mushroom version is so noticeable

Delicious: buttered leeks, salmon and dill with orzo

Lilly Higgins: Cooking buttered leeks with salmon brings out the sweetness in one another

Pork is perfect with apple and a few blackberries add a delicious autumnal twist

I go blackberry picking with my kids – it’s great fun and teaches them about where food comes from

Smoked haddock gratin: delicious and easy to make

This one-pot gratin/pie hybrid is the best of both worlds

Smoked haddock gratin
Smoked haddock gratin

Lamb and date tagine
Lamb and date tagine

Lamb and date tagine: a tasty North African stew full of warming spices

This North African dish is one of my favourite stews to make for the family in autumn

Caponata is traditionally made with vegetables that are in season

Caponata is a Sicilian dish and it has a sweet and sour, or agrodolce flavour from a splash of vinegar

Tomato tart

If you’re not a fan of puff pastry then you can make your own shortcrust pastry shell and blindbake it before filling with the cheese mix

Salute summer with this simple savoury tart of fragrant tomatoes on cream cheese with a crisp pastry base

One-pot wonder biryani

A south Indian dish from the royal kitchens of the Mughal empire

Kale Caesar salad

I love Caesar salad for its simplicity, while adding chicken makes for a more substantial meal

Kale Caesar salad

This greek chicken souvlaki is familiar yet fun and fresh at the same time.

Fire up the barbecue and bring those smoky holiday smells roaring back to life

Crispy salt and pepper tofu is simple and delicious.

Delicious served over a big bowl of white rice, or as part of larger weekend feast

Niçoise salad – why not add potatoes and green beans

This gorgeous rustic French dish is one of my favourite go-tos – and I love adding new little potatoes

Niçoise salad – why not add pototoes and green beans
Niçoise salad 

Shrimp Creole

The sauce can be made ahead of time and the prawns added and cooked before serving

Shrimp Creole
Shrimp Creole

This explosion of tastes works well as part of a larger spread with barbecued meats

Delicious: feta-stuffed lamb burgers

The cheese’s salty tang is ideal with lamb, making the flavours come alive on the grill

Barbecue chicken with Thai salad.

Lilly Higgins: Lime juice and fish sauce give this marinade a clean, fresh flavour

Cobb salad.

Lilly Higgins: Add your own twists for another flavour dimension

Cobb salad.
Cobb salad

Tex-Mex tuna and potato melt: comforting and bursting with flavour

A delicious and easy family dinner from store cupbord staples

A delicious, fast meal: fish with chorizo and pesto

This easy to make dinner is bursting with flavour thanks to the chorizo and home-made pesto

Pork yaki udon

Udon noodles have fantastic texture and work well with pork mince and soy sauce

Pork Yaki Udon.
Pork Yaki Udon

Lilly Higgins’ pollo pizzaiola with pasta

Lily Higgins: This hassle-free and delicious family dish ticks a lot of boxes

A traditional quiche Lorraine is made with cream, cheese and ham.

Lilly Higgins: Feel free to buy ready-made pastry but using real butter makes a big difference if making your own

Quiche Lorraine
Quiche Lorraine

Spring greens minestrone with barley soup

To make it more palatable for children blend the soup until it is creamy and smooth

Baked tomato risotto

This is one of my favourite one-pot dinners and takes less that half an hour to make

Garlic bread spaghetti with green salad.

Wild garlic-flavoured breadcrumbs can add an extra dimension to classic pasta dishes

Tzatziki is a great way to use up cucumbers and flatbreads are surprisingly easy to make

Throw all the main ingredients into one big mixing bowl to prepare this simple dish

Simple shakshuka: easy to make and delicious

Dish can be made in minutes using some pantry staples such as tinned tomatoes and spices

Simple shakshuka
Simple shakshuka

The perfect bean burger

If you are missing some ingredients, you may still be able to improvise with what you have

Buttermilk fried chicken with honey mustard slaw

Buttermilk chicken is pure comfort food – ideal for a relaxed family dinner

Slow roasted salmon with cauliflower puree

There is a patriotic twist to this family dinner, mixing green, white and orange hues

Lilly Higgins’s sloppy Joes

Children will love this fun-to-eat food. Just don’t forget the napkins

Sloppy Joes

The secret to the great taste is paprika and a dash of Worcestershire sauce

Lilly Higgins: A tasty mix of a traditional spinach pie with cheese-laced chicken pie

Greek chicken pie

Flatbread pizza with hummus, and a simple Margherita with Irish mozzarella

Homemade pizza

Lilly Higgins’s tuna fishcakes

Lilly Higgins: This dish is a simple way to introduce more fish into your family’s meals

Tuna fishcakes

Love it! Steak and mushroom pie with mash and greens

Lilly Higgins: Store-bought pastry takes the effort out of this delicious dinner

Steak and mushroom pie – served with mash and some greens

Store-bought pastry takes the effort out of this delicious dinner

Vegetable lasagna: nutritious and hearty

In a rush? Use frozen diced Mediterranean vegetables and a jar of good quality tomato sauce

Filling, nutritious and easy to make

Chicken schnitzel with chopped salad and lemon

Pick up some panko breadcrumbs for a brilliantly versatile and crispy schnitzel that kids will love

I always have a few jars of stock frozen, either vegetable or chicken

Lilly Higgins: My key ingredient for a good soup such as this ramen is the stock base

Tofu ramen

Lilly Higgins: Rainbow vegetable pilau rice is a great way to inject some colour into mealtimes

Spaghetti Bolognese:  Cooking the pasta in the sauce makes it soften up more and soaks up the rich tomato sauce.

I have a few tricks to keep my kids eating at the table

Fish finger pitas with green beans, peas and broad beans, gherkins and Marie Rose sauce

Serve the meaty fish soldiers with Marie Rose sauce, tangy gherkins and green beans

Lamb and lentil bobotie

I came across this dish as a child in South Africa. It’s like the Afrikaans’ twist on shepherd’s pie

Lamb and lentil bobotie

Tomato and basil tortellini soup

There is something very appealing about having everything you need in one bowl

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