Lilly Higgins: ‘It’s great fun and educational too, making dinner time more exciting’

Hot dogs with homemade mustard and squash fries make for a lip-smacking supper

Chicken and mushroom casserole with celeriac mash

Lilly Higgins: I love texture in a dish so mashes play a perfect role

This sauce is gorgeous on pizza instead of the regular tomato sauce and ideal to have on the table at a barbecue

Romesco is particularly good drizzled over barbecued spring onions or young leeks

Rosemary and balsamic lamb chops with butterbeans. 

Try these delicious rosemary and balsamic lamb chops for a welcome change on Easter Sunday

Makes 1 loaf

Italian Easter bread

Lilly Higgins: Coloured eggs shine out from this sweet, festive plaited bread

Potato and blue cheese focaccia

Lilly Higgins: This is like a pizza bianca, with its white topping and lack of tomato

Jamaican-style curry lamb
Curry lamb

Serves 6

Jamaican-style curry lamb

Make this Jamaican-inspired recipe extra authentic by using goat instead

Balela salad

Serves 4-6

Balela Salad – It’s a fantastic mix of flavours with the garlic, lemon and mint.

I like to eat this salad with hummus and warm flat breads

Help get your five a day with this broccoli- and spinach-based meal

Green soup with harissa cream and hazelnuts

Frozen avocados? Why anxiously watch an under-ripe fruit as dinner time approaches?

Sweet potato chips with harissa yogurt

When it comes to sweet potatoes, purple reigns

Served with a side of salad or green vegetables, this is one dish everyone is sure to love

Fried buttery chicken with a fresh lemon sauce – a dish that everyone will love

Pizza means relaxing, no need for cutlery and no school tomorrow

Lilly Higgins: It’s a winning combination having a base, protein and pop of colour and flavour from herbs or a star ingredient lik(...)

Scatter with some raw matchsticks of beetroot if you like

These samosas are perfect for packed lunches or picnics

Hasselback potatoes are an easy, fun way of having your spuds and eating them too

Lilly Higgins’s home-made egg-fried rice

With its take-away feel, this vegetable-packed dish will appeal to kids of all ages

Egg fried rice with Savoy cabbage

Serves 4

Forbidden rice and squash salad

Serves 4-6

Lilly Higgins recipe – Black rice is a valuable source of fibre, iron and plant-based protein

Enjoy festive entertaining the easy and delicious way with these gorgeous canapés

Christmas canapes

Lilly Higgins recipe: Enjoy festive entertaining the easy and delicious way with these gorgeous canapés

This is the perfect way to use up leftover mincemeat, wether you make your own or use a jar of quality shop bought

Lilly Higgins recipe: A festive pudding with an exotic twist

Roast sprouts with homemade tahini sauce

Sprouts should feature regularly on our plates, shredded and mixed like a coleslaw or cooked in ham water for a delicious, salty c(...)

Petra, which is hidden in the mountains, is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World and a Unesco World Heritage Site

A trip to Jordan to experience its many historic and culinary delights inspires Lilly Higgins

Chicken and leek pie
Chicken and leek pie

Serves 4-6

Serve with just cooked green peas that have butter and shredded mint leaves folded through

Lily Higgins: Try making your own pastry for this crumbly, buttery chicken and leek pie

Lilly Higgins recipe: Chola tikki with turmeric and coriander yogurt

Fuss-free meatballs with fresh tagliatelle

Lilly Higgins: Key to this incredibly easy dinner is finding good-quality sausages with a high-meat content full of herbs, garlic (...)

Carefully pour the egg into the hot broth, whisking all the time, quickly and thoroughly until thin ribbons of egg appear
Recipe: Egg drop soup

Lilly Higgins reveals how to make the Chinese favourite

Lilly Higgins’s egg drop soup

Lilly Higgins: This is a nourishing traditional Chinese soup which can be made within minutes

Food Month: There’s pork, and there’s squash – and it’s delicious

Chocolate beetroot cake

Makes 1 loaf

Make a little glacé icing to drizzle over the cake by mixing beetroot juice with icing sugar

Its earthy taste is perfect with the rich cacao and fruity olive oil, all balanced with a honey-kissed cream cheese frosting

Lilly’s favourite luxurious twist on the classic cheese and toast is Welsh Rarebit - a delicious cheese sauce made with beer or stout and enriched with egg

This soup is a great way to use up any leftover homegrown tomatoes

Roasted red pepper and tomato soup with Welsh Rarebit

Lilly Higgins: With some bread for dipping, soup is an easy and fast solution to dinner time

Lilly Higgins: Served with a big green salad or some steamed broccoli spears, and dinner is ready in 15 minutes

Lilly Higgins recipe: chicken with figs and saffron-kissed tabbouleh is an ideal dish for this time of year

This dish is equally delicous with chicken breasts, the marinade really prevents the chicken from drying out

Lilly Higgins: This salmon dish is perfect for getting the kids to help

Mexican red rice
Mexican red rice

Serves 6

It makes one huge pot of rice and the leftovers are even better the next day

This is real fast food that’s as nourishing as it is delicious

Turnip hash with Parmesan and radish

This hash replaces the usual potato with fresh, delicious turnips

Banana bread with black pepper streusel

Makes 2 loaves

Banana bread with black pepper streusel

My favourite weekend treat is to make it into the most indulgent French toast

A nice piece of sourdough is perfect for an open sandwich of hot smoked salmon and gribiche

This French sauce works with chicken, steak, asparagus and anything else you can think of

Ideal for packed lunch or picnic: roast beetroot with lentils and feta

Hearty salad is a balanced, filling lunch – and delicious as a filling for wraps

Blackberry and sweet geranium ice cream with apple pies

This stunning seasonal dessert pairs blackberry ice cream and apple pies

Chicken with white wine and tarragon

Lilly Higgins recipe: This speedy chicken dish is a classic combination of flavours

Lilly Higgins recipe

Grilled mackerel with aubergine boats

Lilly Higgins: Try this delicious fish dish that tastes better than a takeaway and is much cheaper

Lilly Higgins: Success requires quality ingredients, so get some sun-soaked tomatoes and bright fresh herbs

Lilly Higgins: Whipped Pea Dip with Quick Dukkah

Lilly Higgins’ whipped pea dip with quick dukkah

Give peas a chance with this summery dip

Lilly Higgins’ courgette frittata with harissa yogurt

A Lilly Higgins creation ideal for summer

Summer fruits salad with feta and mint:  ‘How could something that’s so delicious on its own be made nicer by adding feta cheese?’

Believe me, everything tastes better with feta cheese

Flapjack bars can also be crumbled up to make a decadent honey-kissed granola

Lilly Higgins: On rainy days these can be thrown together in no time

This dish is a real flavour-packed celebration of new season baby carrots

Roast Carrot salad with goats’ cheese and carrot top chimichurri

Be unapologetically inauthentic and serve these scallion pancakes in a Mexican dish

Lilly Higgins: The perfect food for outdoor get-togethers

Asparagus and pancetta cake with tarragon whipped butter

Asparagus and pancetta cake with tarragon whipped butter

Asparagus and pancetta cake with tarragon whipped butter

Lilly Higgins: Slices of savoury cake instead of picnic sandwiches

A quick short-cut to flavour: roast mussels with zhug

Roast mussels with zhug: a quick short-cut to flavour

Shoulder of lamb with olives and baked feta

Lilly Higgins: Domini Kemp suggested cooking shoulder this way; she was right

Halloumi sesame salad

Locally made halloumi paired with the humble beetroot and some sesame seeds make for salad with a twist

Halloumi and sesame salad with honey

Locally made halloumi paired with the humble beetroot and some sesame seeds makes for an exotic spring salad

Lilly Higgins’s sunflower seed spread

Lilly Higgins: Spread a little goodness with this tasty pizza-flavoured dip

Lilly Higgins’s sunflower seed spread

Spread a little nutritious umami-filled flavour with this delicious dip

Lilly Higgins’s vegetable mix for her piccalilli

Leave to mature for a few weeks before tasting

My mother would make a paste of spices and the whole house would smell of vinegar as the turmeric got to work colouring the vegetable mixture luminous yellow

Lilly Higgins: This fantastic childhood-inspired relish recipe is really worth the effort

This delicious lamb dish with fried herbs and rhubarb is one of the nicest you will ever taste

Halloumi and sesame salad with honey

Lilly Higgins: Spring salad with sesame crusted halloumi bites

Lilly Higgins: Persian Lamb And Rhubarb Khoresh

Serve while still piping hot with plenty of fresh black pepper, shavings of Parmesan and any remaining butter from the pan

These little seasonal pillows of flavour fried in butter are a great way to celebrate wild garlic

Gnocchi are really great fun to make at home

Lilly Higgins: These tasty gnocchi are a great way to celebrate wild garlic season

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