Thyme-roasted chicken with preserved lemon

Jess Murphy: Make the most of seasonal pumpkin and kohlrabi while expanding your palate

Danish smørrebrød

Jess Murphy: This week I’m taking inspiration from the Nordic wave that has engulfed Ireland

Spirulina Shake

Sheet pan eggs: the ultimate breakfast for a jam-packed house
Sheet pan eggs

Sheet pan eggs: the ultimate breakfast for a jam-packed house

A great all-rounder, a vegan option and a special dessert to enjoy on Christmas Day

Irish whiskey affogato with mince pies: a special dessert
Irish whiskey affogato

Highbank baked Cavanbert
Highbank baked Cavanbert

Tuscan ribollita
Tuscan ribollita

Highbank Baked Cavanbert

Cavanbert cheese, Toons Bridge ricotta and Parmesan will bring cheer to any table

‘Rock star’ ramen

A super-tasty mung-bean burger rounds off our Japanese-theme

Rock-star ramen
‘Rock star’ ramen

Kai bean burger
Kai bean burger

Venison meatballs
Venison meatballs

Delicious: Jess Murphy’s venison meatballs

Also, recipes for perfect hasselback potatoes and charred hispi cabbage with almond romesco

Hasselback potatoes
Hasselback potatoes

Golden beet salad with capers

Beetroot is seriously underrated. Add a bit of goat’s cheese to make this a main course

Fish pie
Fish pie

This is an old recipe by Gary Rhodes, from when I had a crush on him in the 2000s

Fish pie.

Jess Murphy: Plus two winter salads – kale with raisins and pine nuts, and beet with capers

Chunky oven pollock fingers

Jess Murphy: Use yesterday’s potatoes with your favourite black pudding if you’re bored with the full Irish

Recipe: The biscuits were sent to soldiers in the first World War – this is the granola version

If you’re getting bored of the full Irish breakfast but still need your serving of black pudding, then this is the recipe for you

Home-made fish fingers have more fish, more flavour and more crunch than shop bought ones and are well worth the extra effort

Crunchy crusted chicken. Photograph: Anne-Marie Carroll

Jess Murphy: These recipes will use up some ingredients before Christmas prep begins

Sprout salad. Photograph: Anne Marie Carroll
Sprout salad

Young Buck scones. Photograph: Anne-Marie Carroll
Young buck scones

Crunchy crusted chicken. Photograph: Anne-Marie Carroll
Crunchy crusted chicken

NZ meat pie.

It’s a showstopper: Jess Murphy of Kai Restaurant, Galway, shares her meat pie recipe

Photograph: Anne Marie O’Carroll
New Zealand meat pie

Imported asparagus may be available all year round but there is nothing to beat the treat of having locally grown asparagus in its short spring season.

Recently named Best Chef in Ireland, Jess offers delicious savoury and sweet recipes to make throughout the summer

Jessica Murphy: “It took me nine years living in Galway to get Kai. It was 2010, no one had money.”

Jessica Murphy, chef, on her journey from New Zealand to Galway

Clam broth with summer veg

These three recipes from chef Jess Murphy are the backbone of an easy afternoon, with minimal cooking and maximum flavour

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