Corn and Bacon Chowder

Corn ceviche and tuna mayo

Corn and bacon chowder

Jess Murphy: A quick and simple recipe for coconut crusted chicken and corn ceviche

Lamb chop tray bake

Aubergine and mint salad

Beetroot Mama Ganoush

A few lamb chops, smoky from the grill, will take you from Ireland to Beirut in a heartbeat

Jess Murphy: Lamb chop tray bake, aubergine and mint salad, and mama ganoush

Beetroot hummus and homemade oatcakes.

Great resolutions start by upgrading the sambo to a savoury muffin

Ham and cheese muffins
Ham and cheese muffins

Apple trail mix
Apple trail mix

Fresh jalapeño salsa

Pollock and charred corn tostadas

They may be trendy, but these dishes are quick and easy to assemble too

Goan crab cakes.

A selection of some of my favourite things to eat, from crab cakes to kebabs and chutney

Goan crab cakes

Moorish rainbow chard and pinenuts

Make the most of Ireland’s free range chicken and use up a glut of tomatoes with these recipes

Pico de Gallo

Patatas bravas with a picada twist.

Even if you’re not heading away, enjoy these dishes from faraway places

Apricot chicken: I recreated this beauty with a lovely Carlow free-range chicken and spices

Jess Murphy: You’ll be surprised the difference apricots or peaches will make to each course

Kohlrabi slaw

Jess Murphy: Courgette flower and goat’s cheese quiche, kohlrabi slaw, and piccalilli

Kohlrabi slaw

Grannys Piccalilli

Hoisin chicken wings with buttermilk ranch dressing

Jess Murphy: Planning ahead and keeping it simple are key when cooking for a crowd

Chicken Larb with grilled cabbage and lime

Jess Murphy: You can’t get much better than stuffing a tasty filling inside a leaf, rice paper roll or bao bun


The Provencal fish stew bouillabaisse is not as difficult to make as you might think. Here's how ...


Not sure what to do with your left over Sourdough? Try this rouille recipe

Mansaf surrounded by various salads in the home of Um Haya and Abu Haya in Azraq camp

Jess Murphy travels to Lebanon to cook with Syrian refugees ahead of World Refugee Day

Potted crab, roasted pork and a fennel and citrus salad is sure to go down a treat

Potted crab
Potted crab

A twist on puttanesca and pangritata

If, like me, you have PTSD from a pasta making attempt gone awry, keep it simple

Vine tomato fattoush with poached eggs and saffron yoghurt.

A tasty treat? Sweetcorn fritters, vine tomato fattoush or Gubbeen and bacon bit biscuits 

Sticky orange and ginger chicken tray bake

Jess Murphy: Well-reared free-range poultry should be held in high esteem

Baby back ribs: ideal for low-key entertaining. Photograph: E+/Getty

Jess Murphy: Baby back ribs, Russian salad, and Cobb salad with ranch dressing

Move the pork on to a chopping board and cut between each rib, using a sharp knife.

A tasty treat for ideal food low-key entertaining

Russian salad
Russian salad

Sham’s Malay-style fish curry

Jess Murphy: Creamy coconut curry, crispy fish fingers, and a dusting of garlicky polenta

Sweet sesame and sherry drumsticks

Getting ahead, and having something for everyone, will keep hosts and guests happy

Asparagus, bacon and Durrus cheese jambon

Try this seasonal treat in a home made jambon, in a salad and in a soup

Poached Dublin Bay prawns with wild garlic butter

Jess Murphy: Poached Dublin Bay prawns, coronation crab and saltwater potatoes

Quick mint sauce

Saltwater spuds
Salt water spuds

Easter feast: roast leg of lamb with lemon, rosemary and anchovy; grilled Baby Gem lettuce and peas; and quick mint sauce

Jess Murphy: Ireland has amazing lamb, whether from mountain, bog or lush pasture

Jess Murphy tarts up Granny’s Tupperware extravaganza with a few Galway twists

Devilled eggs

Glazed baked ham

Lamb koftas

Jess Murphy: Easy, addictive lamb koftas, grilled aubergine, and beetroot dip

Lamb koftas

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