A deserted Grafton Street on the first Friday night of lockdown. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times.

City normally teeming with people on Friday night - but not now, and who knows when again

Emotional scenes at Dublin Airport as families say goodbye.

‘It’s sad to say goodbye, but we have our lives over there now’

Fiona Smyth, a teacher in  the Dominican College in Dublin: “Many young teachers are working for years without full hours.” Photograph: Carl O’Brien/The Irish Times

‘I earn up to €8,000 less a year than my colleagues because I qualified after 2011’

Michael Collins features prominently in Michael Barry’s collection of photographs depicting the history of the Irish Civil War

Michael Barry’s book presents 400 photographs charting the sequence of events of the conflict

Built c. 1450 on a small island in Roaringwater Bay, Kilcoe Castle is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The castle was extensively restored in recent years and is now a private residence. taken from Cork: The View from Above by Dennis Horgan, published by The Collins Press, 2014

Looking through a lense on the land of the Lee

A small selection of the hundreds of photos taken in toilets over 12 months by Irish Times photographer Bryan O'Brien

How’s this for a photography challenge: take a series of beautiful photos in one of the most mundane and visually unappealing envi(...)

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