New Hospital In Tallaght


Sir, - While not wishing to dispute the particular experience of Melanie Brown (July 29th) at the Adelaide Meath Hospital, Tallaght, I must object to the charge that it has "acquired a brand new policy of disregard for its patients."

My father was taken to the hospital by ambulance on July 15th in cardiac arrest following a heart attack. Despite the best efforts of the staff, he was soon pronounced dead.

I am joined by my mother, sister and brothers in thanking the staff of the Accident and Emergency Unit for their perfect kindness and sensitivity to us at this time. Every need was anticipated and provided for in a warm professional manner. We didn't have to tolerate well-intentioned mistakes when we were least able and were informed clearly and carefully of all the necessary facts.

We all believe that the seven hours we and many other family members and friends were allowed to spend with our father in the time immediately after his death formed the basis of the healing which we know is just beginning for us.

I would like to thank also the member of staff who, on realising I was lost, offered me directions and, on hearing of my situation, escorted me all the way to the Accident and Emergency Unit herself.

Far from disregard, our experience was one of striking regard for our immediate and future wellbeing.

It would be unfair of me to dismiss Ms Brown's experience just because our own was good. It is, however, equally unfair to dismiss the goodwill of an entire institution on the basis of one bad experience. - Yours, etc. Laura Phelan O'Broin,

Orlagh Crescent, Knocklyon, Dublin 16.