HEDONIST turned home body Hugh Hefner, who founded Playboy magazine more than 40 years ago, turns 70 today.

With two young sons and a 33 year old wife in his Los Angeles home, Hefner looks more like a man in his 40s tanned, slightly greying, a lively gait and glistening eyes.

"I've had a third act," Hefner said. "F Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American lives and I've got Act Three here and I'm very fortunate for it. I feel wonderful."

Romanian Justice Minister Iosif Gavril Chiuzbaian yesterday urged France to intervene with Russian speaking separatists in neighbouring Moldova to secure the release of Ilie Ilascu, whom Bucharest is proposing for a Nobel Peace prize.

Ilascu has been imprisoned since 1992 in the Transdniestr region of eastern Moldova where Russian separatists have declared their own republic.

Jemima Khan yesterday denied she had visited a London nightclub with friends.

The 22 year old daughter of millionaire Sir James Goldsmith and wife of Pakistan cricket star Imran Khan, said in a letter to the Daily Telegraph that the story might seem innocuous in Britain, but would be "viewed very differently" if repeated in Pakistan.

"I spent about 20 minutes at Green Street. . . a private members' club for dining, not a nightclub," she wrote.

Fresh from her best actress Oscar win for Dead Man Walking, Susan Sarandon returns to the screen this time as a very large insect. Sarandon is the voice of Miss Spider in Disney's animated live action feature James And The Giant Peach.