Peats reopens Parnell Street store


Dublin electrical retailer Peats World of Electronics today reopened its flagship store in Parnell Street.

The company said earlier this month it was ceasing trading and intended to seek liquidation. It shut its 11 outlets in Dublin on April 23rd.

However, Peats reversed its decision on Monday after it secured High Court protection after presenting a petition seeking appointment of an examiner.

“It’s an emotional but a good day,” Peats chairman Ben Peat said today. “The phones have been hopping and people queuing around the block well before we officially opened.

“We’ve been blown away by the positive reaction we’ve had from customers, staff and suppliers. The support we’ve received has been nothing short of phenomenal. Clearly the Peat’s brand resonates with people and it’s great that we’re still in business after 78 years, and we plan to be around a lot longer”.

The company said it plans to reopen other stores in Dublin shortly.

Three generations of the Peat family have worked in the business, which was established originally in Parnell Street in 1934.