Kate Bush announces new album


Kate Bush has announced she is to release a brand new album entitled 50 Words for Snow in November.

The album will be Bush's first new album of material since 2005's Ariel.

The singer surprised many by revisiting her old catalogue recently with Director's Cut, an album in which she revised versions of songs from the 1989 album Sensual World and 1993's Red Shoes.

Bush was given permission to use Molly Bloom's famous soliloquy from Ulysses for the version of the song The Sensual World, which appeared on Director's Cut. She had previously been refused permission when she originally approached the Joyce estate in 1989 and written her own lyrics for the track. The new version of the song was renamed Flower of the Mountain.

50 Words For Snow is to be released on November 21st on Bush's own label Fish People.

The material on the album was recorded during the same period the singer worked on Director's Cut.

The track listing for the album is as follows:


Lake Tahoe



Snowed in at Wheeler Street

50 Worlds for Snow

Among Angels