Funeral of RTE cameraman in Cork


THE funeral of Mr Roy Hammond, who died earlier this week, took place yesterday following a service at Saint Michael's Church of Ireland church in Cork.

Mr Hammond (70), was one of RTE's best known cameramen and had worked previously in the Examiner and the Irish Press.

A Londoner by birth, Mr Hammond came to Cork over 30 years ago and quickly established a reputation as a keen photo journalist, whose instincts for a good story were almost unerring. His career was marked by good humour and hard work, and as his colleague of long standing, RTE's Southern Correspondent, Mr Tom McSweeney, said at the service, he was an inspiration to those who worked closely with him.

Mr McSweeney told the congregation that just days prior to his death, Mr Hammond asked him to say "a few words" at his funeral. "He knew he was dying, he told me so, and he discussed the arrangements with his wife, Rose.

"His work in stills photography as well as for television marked him out, but few knew about his charitable work for children in Cork. During my 18 years with Roy, I cannot recall one day in which he was in really bad humour. When I started to work with him, I was Roy's reporter - he was not my cameraman," he said.

Among the mourners were Mr Eddie Liston, RTE's chief news editor, Mr Fintan Ryan, manager of film production, as well Mr Dan Harrington, the RTE regional manager in the south west.

Mr Hammond is survived by his wife, Rose, his daughters Susan and Anne, and sons, William and Mark.