Director gets court order against his two brothers


A company director whose life was threatened by two of his brothers has been granted a court order restraining them from threatening, battering or assaulting him or from watching or besetting him, his company or members of his staff.

Counsel for Mr Noel Ryan, a director of James P. Ryan and Sons Ltd, East Road, Dublin, told the President of the Circuit Court, Mr Justice Esmond Smyth, that Mr Ryan's life had been threatened on two occasions over the telephone.

Counsel said this had been followed by a visit to the business premises of the plaintiff by his brothers Paul jnr and Alan, who also threatened employees and pushed one member of staff.

Counsel said an agreement had been reached whereby Paul and Alan had undertaken to consent to the making of an interlocutory injunction restraining them in terms outlined to the court. They wished to apologise to the court for what they had done.

Mr Justice Smyth said the nature of the threats was of such gravity that he wished to be absolutely satisfied that both Paul and Alan Ryan, neither of whom were legally represented, were fully aware what was involved for them in consenting to such an order.

Following a brief adjournment both brothers told the court they were fully aware of the consequences of their breaching the order and that any breach could result in their having to go to prison.

Paul Ryan said he realised the threats he had made were entirely unwarranted. Both brothers agreed to abide by the restraints of the order against them.

Mr Justice Smyth told both men they could regard themselves as fortunate. Gardai could have taken another approach in the case.