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Brooches and peridot pieces, rare U2 items, 14.5ct diamond tennis bracelet

Auction Results

Sunday, August 11th – Dolan's Art Auction Dooagh Achill Oil by Rev Edward Nangle €1,000; Alexander Williams's Shark Fishing, Achill Island €6,750 (€3,000-€4,000); Carina Scott Atlantic Moonlight €1,000; Mark O'Neill Empirical Gold €5,000 (€3,000-€4,000); Desmond Turner RUA Dooagh Village €2,400 (€1,400-€2,400); Sean Keating Fear na gCapall €3,250 (€2,000-€3,000); Sean Keating Drawing for Ulysses €4,500 (€2,500-€3,500); Grace Henry Farmhouse in Brittany €5,700 (€3,500-€4,500)

Forthcoming Auctions

Monday, August 26th – RJ Keighery William Street Waterford Antique Furniture Auction to include 14.5ct diamond tennis bracelet €10,000-€12,000, five branch Waterford chandelier €2,200-€2.600, Persian Kashan rug €900-€1,200 along with period furniture and paintings. See

Tuesday, August 27th –Aidan Foley Sixmilebridge Pub Memorabilia and Antiques, from the 40-year collection of Limerick publican Kieran Murray to include very rare U2 items, old advertising signs and two Victorian fireplaces used in the Netflix series Nightflyers. See

Wednesday, August 28th – O'Reilly's Francis Street Fine Jewellery Sale to include a fine selection of brooches and a number of peridot pieces. Peridot is this month's birthstone, and one of the few stones to come in just one colour. Ninety percent of the world's supply comes from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. See


Sunday, September 8th –Adams St Stephen's Green At Home Sale. To include a large quantity of silver cutlery, candlesticks, dish rings, pill boxes, salvers and other items; vintage watches, paintings, furniture and chandeliers. See

Tuesday, September 17th – Sotheby's London the complete, ground-breaking multi-artist album Les Peintres-Graveurs; the collection owned by Ambroise Vollard, one of the most important art dealers and publishers of the 20th century. Vollard was largely responsible for the validation of lithography as an art form, and this collection of 22 prints includes one of Edvard Munch's most famous motifs, Angst (or Le Soir). Produced in collaboration with the eminent Parisian printmaker Auguste Clot, the subject was the first colour lithograph ever produced by Munch, who went on to become one of history's most prolific and successful printmakers. £500,000-£1m. See

Forthcoming Fairs

Sunday, September 8th – Cork Antique Fair Clayton Silver Spring Hotel

Elizabeth Birdthistle

Elizabeth Birdthistle

Elizabeth Birdthistle, a contributor to The Irish Times, writes about property, fine arts, antiques and collectables