¡NO!: ¡NO! | Album Review

Wed, Jun 3, 2015, 15:40




Last of our Kind


Dublin free collective ¡NO!! describe themselves as a “para-psych improviser group”, and who are we to argue? Guitarist and multi-reed player Fergus Cullen, bassist L Ron Cupboard, drummer Jamie Davis and guitarist and keyboardist Graham Montgomery have been sending ripples through the local scene recently with improvised performances at Concrete Soup in Smithfield’s Block T. Free-form post-rock, serialist grooves, industrial noise, spoken word and electronic processing are all part of the ¡NO! arsenal, along with good old-fashioned guitar distortion, all delivered with the burning conviction of the anti-commercial musical evangelists that they are. It’s not going to go storming up the charts any time soon, but do ¡NO! care? The clue is in the name. facebook.com/notwhatuno