Lee Ranaldo and the Dust: Last Night on Earth

Fri, Oct 4, 2013, 00:00


Last Night on Earth

Lee Ranaldo and the Dust



If Lee Ranaldo ever felt frustrated by a lack of songwriting opportunity in Sonic Youth, he’s making up for it now. Most Sonic Youth albums featured a song or two of his, including some of their best (Rain King, Hey Joni, Wish Fulfilment). But until their hiatus in 2011, Ranaldo’s solo work had been solidly avant-garde. No longer, and Last Night on Earth comes just 18 months after the fine Between the Times and Tides. Ranaldo revisits the latter’s focus on serpentine, effortlessly melodic indie-rock, taking in whacked-out psychedelia and Wilco-style Americana. His voice is warm and full of character, his lyrics elegant and the playing stellar. Lecce, Leaving is typical of how he walks the line between succinct songwriting and in-the-moment abandon, while The Rising Tide ebbs and flows for nine glorious minutes. sonicouth.com/symu/lee
Download: Lecce, Leaving, Last Night on Earth